V1a AVP receptor is required for neurohypophyseal hormonedependent differentiation in C2C12 cells

Angelica Toschi, Ivana Murfuni, Dario Coletti, Guido Gambara, Anna Lisa Severi, Carla Ramina, Sergio Adamo, Bianca Maria Scicchitano

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Vasopressin (AVP), oxytocin (OT) and related peptides induce differentiation and hypertrophy in myogenic cells expressing the V1a-vasopressin receptor (V1aR) or the oxytocin receptor (OTR). Either receptor can transduce both ligand signals. Binding of AVP and OT to the V1aR the target cells activates phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis, which in turn releases Ca2+ from internal stores. The AVP-dependent increase in cytosolic Ca2+ induces the activation of calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase (CaMK) and calcineurin signaling, two pathways required for the full expression of the differentiated phenotype. Here we investigate the role of V1aR in myogenesis and hypertrophy by ectopically restoring V1aR expression and function using the C2C12 cell line, which is an experimental model of satellite cells that do not respond to AVP treatment. Our results show that AVP treatment enhances myogenic differentiation in V1aR-transfected C2C12 cultures alone. Moreover, calcium imaging analyses performed in individual control and V1aR-transfected C2C12 cells demonstrated that the presence of V1aR is sufficient to make C2C12 cells responsive to neurohypophyseal hormones stimulation, as demonstrated by the rapid and sustained release of calcium from internal stores observed in V1aR-transfected cells. These data demonstrate that, despite the high levels of OTR expressed by C2C12 cells, both AVP and OT failed to stimulate the differentiation program, thereby indicating that the presence of V1aR is essential to mediate the effects of neurohypophyseal hormones on myogenic differentiation in C2C12 cells.
Lingua originaleEnglish
pagine (da-a)229-236
Numero di pagine8
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2009


  • vasopressin


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