The role of individual creativity levels in the cognitive and emotive evaluation of complex multimedia stimuli. A study on behavioral data and psycho-physiological indexes

Barbara Colombo, Luca Grati, Chiara Di Nuzzo

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The main aim of this research was to investigate if and how different individual levels of creativity can influence, together with other moderating variables like personality traits and gender, the emotional and cognitive elaboration of complex multimedia stimuli, intended in this study as creative commercials built on narrative association of images and music. We worked with a sample of 25 individuals, university students (date of birth, Mean = 1985, SD = 9.51), 10 males and 15 females. We chose 4 commercials that had these characteristics: were not broadcasted in our country, so that participants could not be familiar with them, had a narrative format but were composed only by images and music. The selected videos (Axion, Mc Donalds, Nissan and Vodafone) were pre tested with a sample of 40 students in order to assess that they were able to convey different emotional states, but were equivalent under any other aspect (cognitive complexity, perceived complexity). While participants’ watched the videos their behavioural indexes were recorded used Eye-tracking technology, while their psycho-physiological activation was recorded by bio-feedback equipment set in order to measure skin conductance level, temperature, blood pressure, blood pulse rate. After watching the videos, individuals were also asked to rate them on an affective rating scale (assessing their activation with respects to 18 different emotive states), also their incidental memories about details of each commercial was measured. Individual differences were measured using Torrance TTCT (figural sub-test) and ITAPI-G (Italian Personality Inventory – General form). Results highlighted how different videos actually elicited different reactions both an emotive and cognitive level. These data, already emerged from the post-test were confirmed by behavioural and psycho-physiological indices. Creativity levels appear to be a relevant variable to better explain differences in video processing. Less creative individuals are more activated by all videos, while extremely creative individuals appear to be able to anticipate the cognitive structure of the artefact and are less activated during the fruition. It is also interesting to highlight how this difference, well mirrored by both psycho-physiological data and self- report data does not emerge in the behavioural data. So apparently both creative and not creative individuals explore the videos using the same visual strategies, but then process the information differently. The moderating effects of gender and personality traits on these main effects are also discussed in the chapter.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Titolo della pubblicazione ospitePsychology of Creativity. Advances in theory, research and application
Numero di pagine22
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2013
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  • biofeedbcak
  • cognitive evaluation
  • creativity
  • multimedia


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