Peace and Security in Non-State Actors Regions between Oman, Pakistan and Iran

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This book chapter wishes to re-examine some strategies how to reach peace and security between the many different desert regions along the South-Central Asian littorals in front of the Sultanate of Oman -- Iran and Pakistan - and inside Oman itself. This fluid and interconnected space has been influenced by different forces of capital and by knowledge–power nexus during and after the colonial period. Today the peace and security of these non-state regions have gained a renewed interest. It reminds us of the greatest mobility and traversal with such an impact that it forces us to rethink how the processes of such encounters operate and what the areas stand for. The challenges are therefore great to try to reshape our understanding of how to reach peace and security in non-state contexts. Today the respect and the importance of oral traditions for the reconstruction of land possessions, of political influences, and of security and peace in these three non-state regions have been claimed by the following state actors: Iran, Pakistan and Oman; therefore in the past, it has been considered politically advisable that the port of Gwadar (Pakistan), for example, remained within Omani hands with an armed fleet strong enough to defend it, rejecting the hypothesis of restoration to Pakistan, who was defined by the British authorities of the nineteenth and of early twentieth centuries unable to protect this strategic port against Iranian claims. The role of Oman, as in the past, remains at the center of numerous geopolitical issues that are witnessing new re-balances and new political and economic alliances. It was, and still is, a fight for power, for the rich natural economic resources, as well as a series of territorial and political claims of control and dominance upon a large, as well as indefinable, area such as this non-state region between Oman, Pakistan and Iran. Here regional and international relationships did follow ancient distributions of powers, of forces, and of legendary routes through territory as well as through sea.
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