Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19

Niemi, Mari E. K. and Karjalainen, Juha and Daly, Mark and Ganna, Andrea and Mehtonen, Juha and Cordioli, Mattia and Kaunisto, Mari and Pigazzini, Sara and Donner, Kati and Kivinen, Katja and Palotie, Aarno and Daly, Mark J. and Liao, Rachel G. and Kanai, Masahiro and Veerapen, Kumar and Minica, Camelia and Trankiem, Amy and Balaconis, Mary K. and Nguyen, Huy and SolomonsonMatthew and Francioli, Laurent and Wang, Qingbo and Green, Robert C. and Bryant, Sam and Finucane, Hilary and Martin, Alicia R. and Zhou, Wei and Nkambule, Lindokuhle and Karczewski, Konrad J. and Atkinson, Elizabeth G. and Tsuo, Kristin and Baya, Nikolas and Turley, Patrick and Gupta, Rahul and Walters, Raymond K. and Palmer, Duncan S. and Sarma, Gopal and Cheng, Nathan and Lu, Wenhan and Churchhouse, Claire and Goldstein, I., Jacqueline and King, Daniel and Seed, Cotton and Neale, Benjamin M. and Satterstrom, F. Kyle and Pathak, Gita A. and Wendt, Frank R. and Polimanti, Renato and Andrews, Shea J. and Sloofman, Laura and Sealfon, Stuart C. and Fernandez-Cadenas, Israel and Schulte, Eva C. and Protzer, Ulrike and Striano, Pasquale and Coviello, Domenico A. and Zara, Federico and Salpietro, Vincenzo Iacomino, Michele and Scudieri, Paolo and Bocciardi, Renata and Minetti, Carlo and Vari, Maria Stella and Madia, Francesca and Marouli, Eirini and Kanoni, Stavroula and Moutsianas, Loukas and Karim, Mohd Anisul and Ghoussaini, Maya and Schwartzentruber, Jeremy and Dunham, Ian and Savage, Jeanne and Posthuma, Danielle and Tissink, Elleke and Uffelmann, Emil and Butler-Laporte, Guillaume and Richards, J. Brent and Nakanishi, Tomoko and Morrison, David R. and Forgetta, Vincenzo and Ghosh, Biswarup and Laurent, Laetitia and Henry, Danielle and Abdullah, Tala and Adeleye, Olumide and Mamlouk, Noor and Kimchi, Nofar and Afrasiabi, Zaman and Rezk, Nardin and Vulesevic, Branka and Bouab, Meriem and Guzman, Charlotte and Petitjean, Louis and Tselios, Chris and Xue, Xiaoqing and Afilalo, Jonathan and Adra, Darin and Kim, Han-Na and Okada, Yukinori and Byun, Jinyoung and Han, Younghun and Uddin, Mohammed Jashim and Smith, George Davey and Willer, Cristen J. and Buxbaum, Joseph D. and Sloofman, Laura G. and Collins, Brett L. and Levy, Tess and Underwood, Slayton J. and Britvan, Bari and Keller, Katherine and Tang, Lara and Peruggia, Michael and Hiester, Liam L. and Niblo, Kristi and Aksentijevich, Alexandra and Labkowsky, Alexander and Karp, Avromie and Zlatopolsky, Menachem and Arora, Jatin and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Mercader, Josep and Cusick, Caroline and Pasaniuc, Bogdan and Julienne, Hanna and Aschard, Hugues and Shi, Huwenbo and Yengo, Loic and Chwialkowska, Karolina and Francescatto, Margherita and Davis, Lea and Kerchberger, V. Eric and Lee, Sulggi and Priest, James and Vadgama, Nirmal and Tanigawa, Yosuke and Renieri, Alessandra and Sankaran, Vijay G. and van Heel, David and de Salazar, Adolfo and van Heel, David A. and Hunt, Karen A. and Trivedi, Bhavi and Deelen, Patrick and Franke, Lude and Claringbould, Annique and Lopera, Esteban and Warmerdam, Robert and van Blokland, Irene and Lanting, Pauline and Mooser, Vincent and Li, Rui and Belisle, Alexandre and Lepage, Pierre and Ragoussis, Jiannis and Auld, Daniel and Lathrop, G. Mark and Biesecker, Les and Baillie, J. Kenneth and Clohisey, Sara and Fourman, Max Head and Furniss, James and Haley, Chris and Law, Andy and Millar, Jonathan and Pairo-Castineira, Erola and Parkinson, Nicholas and Rawlik, Konrad and Russell, Clark D. and Shih, Barbara and Tenesa, Albert and Wang, Bo and Zechner, Marie and Law, Andrew and Hendry, Ross and Armstrong, Ruth and Boz, Ceilia and Brown, Adam and Cullum, Louise and Day, Nicky and Duncan, Esther and Finernan, Paul and Golightly, Ailsa and Law, Dawn and Law, Rachel and Law, Sarah and Mal, Hanning and Mcmaster, Ellie and Meikle, Jen and Oosthuyzen, Wilna and Paterson, Trevor and Stenhouse, Andrew and Swets, Maaike and Szoor-McElhinney, Helen and Taneski, Filip and Wackett, Tony and Ward, Mairi and Weaver, Jane and Coyle, Judy and Gallagher, Bernadette and Lidstone-Scott, Rebecca and Hamilton, Debbie and Griffiths, Fiona and Keating, Sean and Walsh, Timothy and Bretherick, Andrew D. and Grimes, Graeme and Hayward, Caroline and Klaric, Lucija and Meynert, Alison M. and Ponting, Chris P. and Richmond, Anne and Vitart, Veronique and Wilson, James F. and Mari, Francesca and Lista, Mirjam and Perticaroli, Valentina and Fallerini, Chiara and Daga, Sergio and Baldassarri, Margherita and Fava, Francesca and Frullanti, Elisa and Valentino, Floriana and Doddato, Gabriella and Giliberti, Annarita and Bruttini, Mirella and Croci, Susanna and Meloni, Ilaria and Beligni, Giada and Tommasi, Andrea and Di Sarno, Laura and Palmieri, Maria and Carriero, Miriam Lucia and Alaverdian, Diana and Iuso, Nicola and Inchingolo, Gabriele and Tita, Rossella and Amitrano, Sara and Mencarelli, Maria Antonietta and Lo Rizzo, Caterina and Pinto, Anna Maria and Montagnani, Francesca and Tumbarello, Mario and Furini, Simone and Benetti, Elisa and Zguro, Kristina and Capitani, Katia and Zanelli, Giacomo and Bianchi, Francesco and Bernasconi, Anna and Ceri, Stefano and Pinoli, Pietro and Baillie, Stefano Ceri and Canakoglu, Arif and Wolford, Brooke and Faucon, Annika and Dutta, Atanu Kumar and Patel, Sanjay and Schurmann, Claudia and Harry, Emi and Birney, Ewan and Nasir, Jamal and Marttila, Minttu and Dueker, Nicole and Limou, Sophie and Rahmouni, Souad and Mbarek, Hamdi and Darwish, Dima and Ismail, Said I. and Saad, Chadi and Al-Sarraj, Yaser and Badji, Radja Messai and Al-Muftah, Wadha and Al Thani, Asma and Uddin, Md Mesbah and Albertos, Raquel and Ferrer, Ricard and Perez-Tur, Jordi and Li, Ruolin and Medina-Gomez, Carolina and Sedaghati-Khayat, Bahar and Vallerga, Costanza and Boer, Cindy and Kennis-Szilagyi, Ingrid and Prijatelj, Vid and Folkersen, Lasse and Moltke, Ida and Koelling, Nils and Spencer, Chris A. and Teumer, Alexander and Kousathanas, Athanasios and Pasko, Dorota and Caulfield, Mark J. and Scott, Richard H. and Walker, Susan and Stuckey, Alex and Odhams, Christopher A. and Rhodes, Daniel and Fowler, Tom and Rendon, Augusto and Chan, Georgia and Arumugam, Prabhu and Utrilla, Alicia and Verdugo, Ricardo A. and Zarate, Ruth and Gomez-Cabrero, David and Carnero-Montoro, Elena and Alarcon-Riquelme, Marta E. and Martinez-Bueno, Manuel and Cadilla, Carmen L. and Moreno-Estrada, Andres and Garmendia, Adriana and Moya, Leire and Boua, Palwende Romuald and Fave, Marie-Julie and Lemacon, Audrey and Migeotte, Isabelle and Varnai, Reka and Szentpeteri, Jozsef L. and Sipeky, Csilla and Colombo, Francesca and von Hohenstaufen, Kathrin and Lio, Pietro and Im, Hogune and Han, Chulho and Song, Han and Lim, Jiwoo and Lee, Younhe and Kim, Sugyeong and Atanasovska, Biljana and Ahmad, Hajar Fauzan and Jansen, Philip and Hottenga, Jouke Jan and Bartels, Meike and de Geus, Eco J. C. and Nivard, Michel G. and Kornilov, Sergey A. and Sivanadhan, Ilangkumaran and Perumal, Sarala and Esmaeeli, Sahar and Pearson, Nathaniel M. and Auton, Adam and Shelton, Janie F. and Shastri, Anjali J. and Filshtein-Sonmez, Teresa and Coker, Daniella and Symons, Antony and Aslibekyan, Stella and O'Connell, Jared and Ye, Chelsea and Weldon, Catherine H. and Esparza-Gordillo, Jorge and Perera, Minoli and Yang, Guang and Alarcon, Cristina and Herrmann, Stefanie and Friedman, Paula and O'Leary, Kevin and Mazurek, Sophia and Tuck, Matthew and Banagan, Jeff and Hamidi, Zacharia and O'Brien, Travis and Meltzer, David and Raffat, Noora and de la Horra, Carmen and O'Donnell, Peter and Nutescu, Edith and Moreno, Diana and Barbour, April and Gallego-Duran, Rocio and Ferwerda, Bart and van de Beek, Diederik and Brouwer, Matthijs C. and Beudel, Martijn and Koning, Rutger and Vlaar, Alexander P. J. and Algera, Anne Geke and van Baarle, Frank and Bos, Lieuwe and Botta, Michela and de Bruin, Sanne and Bulle, Esther and Dongelmans, Dave and Elbers, Paul and Fleuren, Lucas and Girbes, Armand and Hagens, Laura and Heunks, Leo and Horn, Janneke and van Mourik, Niels and Paulus, Frederique and Raasveld, Jorinde and Schultz, Marcus J. and Smit, Marry and Teunissen, Charlotte and Thoral, Patrick and de Vries, Heder and Wiersinga, W. Joost and van Agtmael, Michiel and Bomers, Marije and de Brabander, Justin and de Bree, Godelieve and Chouchane, Osoul and Geerlings, Suzanne and Goorhuis, Bram and Grobusch, Martin P. and Harris, Vanessa and Hermans, Sabine M. and Hovius, Joppe W. and Nellen, Jeannine and Peters, Edgar and van der Poll, Tom and Prins, Jan M. and Reijnders, Tom and Schinkel, Michiel and Schuurman, Alex and Sigaloff, Kim and Stijnis, Cornelis S. and Tsonas, Anissa and van der Valk, Marc and van Vugt, Michele and Zwinderman, A. H. Koos and Bax, Diane and Cloherty, Alex and Geijtenbeek, Theo and Hafkamp, Florianne and Preckel, Bennedikt and Bogaard, Harm Jan and Bonta, I., Peter and Nossent, Esther J. and Bugiani, Marianna and Geerts, Bart and Hollmann, Markus and Veelo, Denise and Hamann, Jorg and Hemke, Robert and de Jong, Menno D. and Stilma, Willemke and Wouters, Dorien and Minnaar, Rene P. and Kromhout, Adrie and van Uffelen, Kees W. J. and Wolterman, Ruud A. and Roberts, Genevieve and Park, Danny and Ball, Catherine A. and Coignet, Marie and McCurdy, Shannon and Knight, Spencer and Partha, Raghavendran and Rhead, Brooke and Zhang, Miao and Berkowitz, Nathan and Gaddis, Michael and Noto, Keith and Ruiz, Luong and Pavlovic, Milos and Hong, Eurie L. and Rand, Kristin and Girshick, Ahna and Guturu, Harendra and Baltzell, Asher Haug and Georges, Michel and Melo, Sofia and Jacques, Nicolas and Di Valentin, Emmanuel and Giroule, Francois and Collignon, Alice and Radermecker, Coraline and Lebrun, Marielle and Peree, Helene and Latour, Samuel and Barada, Olivia and Sanchez, Judit and Meunier, Margot and Mariavelle, Emeline and Anania, Sandy and Gazon, Helene and Mni, Myriam and Wery, Marie and Belhaj, Yasmine and Guntz, Julien and Jadot, Laurent and Claassen, Sabine and Beguin, Yves and Gofflot, Stephanie and El Kandoussi, Kamilia and Thonon, Raphael and Bouysran, Youssef and Busson, Adeline and Peyrassol, Xavier and Wilkin, Francoise and Pichon, Bruno and Smits, Guillaume and Vandernoot, Isabelle and Goffard, Jean-Christophe and Moutschen, Michel and Misset, Benoit and Darcis, Gilles and Guiot, Julien and Azarzar, Samira and Dellot, Patricia and Bertrand, Axelle and Parzibut, Gilles and Clarinval, Mathilde and Moermans, Catherine and Malaise, Olivier and Huynen, Pascale and Mesdagh, Alyssia and Josse, Claire and Boujemla, Bouchra and Juszczak, Danusia and Fadeur, Marjorie and Camby, Severine and Meuris, Christelle and Thys, Marie and Jacques, Jessica and Henket, Monique and Leonard, Philippe and Frippiat, Frederic and Giot, Jean-Baptiste and Sauvage, Anne-Sophie and Von Frenckell, Christian and Staderoli, Alicia and Lambermont, Bernard and Louis, Edouad and Afilalo, Marc and Oliveira, Maureen and Brenner, Bluma and Brassard, Nathalie and Durand, Madeleine and Chasse, Michael and Kaufmann, Daniel E. and Schurr, Erwin and Davis, Lea K. and Cox, Nancy J. and Below, Jennifer E. and Sealock, Julia M. and Faucon, Annika B. and Shuey, Megan M. and Polikowsky, Hannah G. and Petty, Lauren E. and Shaw, Douglas M. and Chen, Hung-Hsin and Zhu, Wanying and Ludwig, Kerstin U. and Schroeder, Julia and Rolker, Selina and Nothen, Markus M. and Fazaal, Julia and Maj, Carlo and Keitel, Verena and Jensen, Bjorn-Erik Ole and Feldt, Torsten and Knopp, Lisa and Kurth, Ingo and Eggermann, Thomas and Marx, Nikolaus and Dreher, Michael and Pink, Isabell and Cornberg, Markus and Illig, Thomas and Volland, Sonja and Lehmann, Clara and Schommers, Philipp and Augustin, Max and Rybniker, Jan and Koehler, Philipp and Cornely, Oliver A. and Altmuller, Janine and Berger, Marc M. and Brenner, Thorsten and Hinney, Anke and Witzke, Oliver and Bals, Robert and Herr, Christian and Ludwig, Nicole and Walter, Jorn and Fuchsberger, Christian and Pattaro, Cristian and De Grandi, Alessandro and Pramstaller, Peter and Emmert, David and Melotti, Roberto and Foco, Luisa and Mascalzoni, Deborah and Gogele, Martin and Domingues, Francisco and Hicks, Andrew and Gignoux, Christopher R. and Wicks, Stephen J. and Crooks, Kristy and Barnes, Kathleen C. and Daya, Michelle and Shortt, Jonathan and Rafaels, Nicholas and Chavan, Sameer and Goldstein, David B. and Kiryluk, Krzysztof and Sengupta, Soumitra and Menon, Amritha and So, Yat S. and Chung, Wendy and Reilly, Muredach P. and Khan, Atlas and Wang, Chen and Gharavi, Ali G. and Shang, Ning and O'Byrne, Sheila M. and Nandakumar, Renu and Povysil, Gundula and Bhardwaj, Nitin and Ionita-Laza, Iuliana and Hod, Eldad and Pendrick, Danielle and Park, Soo-Kyung and Kim, Hyung-Lae and Kang, Chang Kyung and Park, Wan Beom and Lee, Hyo-Jung and Song, Kyoung-Ho and Ham, Sin Young and Jung, Jongtak and Kim, Eu Suk and Bin Kim, Hong and Yoon, Kyung Jae and Paik, Nam-Jong and Seok, Woojin and Yoon, Heejun and Joo, Eun-Jeong and Chang, Yoosoo and Ryu, Seungho and Park, Jeong Su and Park, Kyoung Un and Ellinghaus, David and Degenhardt, Frauke and Juzenas, Simonas and Tran, Florian and Rosenstiel, Philip and Schreiber, Stefan and Franke, Andre and Wacker, Eike Matthias and Uellendahl-Werth, Florian and ElAbd, Hesham and Wienbrandt, Lars and Ruhlemann, Malte Christoph and Wendorff, Mareike and Tanck, Anja and Gassner, Christoph and Hemmrich-Stanisak, Georg and Kassens, Jan and Basso, Maria E. Figuera and Schulzky, Martin and Wittig, Michael Reto Braun, Nicole and Wesse, Tanja and Albrecht, Wolfgang and Yi, Xiaoli and Nebel, Almut and Peschuck, Anna and May, Sandra and Karina, Banasik and Brunak, Soren and Caceres, Mario and Lerga-Jaso, Jon and Lenz, Tobias L. and Teles, Ana and Azuure, Clinton and Ozer, Onur and Albillos, Agustin and Mateos, Beatriz and Mesonero, Francisco and Tellez, Luis and Rodriguez-Gandia, Miguel and Bujanda, Luis and Banales, Jesus M. and Romero-Gomez, Manuel and Buti, Maria and Maya-Miles, Douglas and Garcia-Etxebarria, Koldo and Izquierdo-Sanchez, Laura and Rodrigues, Pedro M. and Rodriguez-Frias, Francisco and Riveiro-Barciela, Mar and Julia, Antonio and Palom, Adriana and Marsal, Sara and Heidecker, Bettina and Kurth, Florian and Sander, Leif Erik and Mayer, Alena and Braun, Alice and Skurk, Carsten and Thibeault, Charlotte and Helbig, Elisa T. and Kraft, Julia and Lippert, Lena J. and Suwalski, Phillip and Ripke, Stephan and Poller, Wolfgang and Wang, Xiaomin and Karadeniz, Zehra and Garcia, Federico and Quero, Jose Hernandez and Chueca, Natalia and Cejudo, Trinidad Gonzalez and Hanses, Frank and Wilfling, Sibylle and Zoller, Heinz and Schaefer, Benedikt and Holter, Jan C. and Hov, Johannes R. and Karlsen, Tom H. and Folseraas, Trine and Holten, Aleksander Rygh and Dyrhol-Riise, Anne Ma and Tonby, Kristian and Lind, Andreas and Muller, Fredrik and Dudman, Susanne and Grimsrud, Marit M. and Fernandez, Javier and Ferrando, Carlos and Reverter, Enric and Badia, Joan Ramon and Hernandez-Tejero, Maria and Castro, Pedro and de Cid, Rafael and Nolla, Anna Carreras and Cortes, Beatriz and Galvan-Femenia, Ivan and Blay, Natalia and Farre, Xavier and Asselta, Rosanna and Duga, Stefano and Mantovani, Alberto and Protti, Alessandro and Aghemo, Alessio and Lleo, Ana and Voza, Antonio and Azzolini, Elena and Paraboschi, Elvezia Maria and My, Ilaria and Cecconi, Maurizio and Tentorio, Paolo and Badalamenti, Salvatore and Bombace, Sara and Cappadona, Claudio and Rimoldi, Valeria and Goerg, Siegfried and Hehr, Ute and Perez, Emma F. and Lenning, Ole Bernt and Vadla, May Sissel and Myhre, Ronny and Ortiz, Aaron Blandino and de Pablo, Raul and Chercoles, Adolfo Garrido and Nafria-Jimenez, Beatriz and Ruiz, Agustin and Hernandez, Isabel and de Rojas, Itziar and Marquie, Marta and Boada, Merce and Prati, Daniele and Baselli, Guido and Valenti, Luca and Cherubini, Alessandro and Muscatello, Antonio and Hu, Cinzia and Bianco, Cristiana and Galimberti, Daniela and Scarpini, Elio and Ceriotti, Ferruccio and Lamorte, Giuseppe and Terranova, Leonardo and Ostadreza, Mahnoosh and Zanella, Alberto and Bandera, Alessandra and Gori, Andrea and Fracanzani, Anna Ludovica and Pesenti, Antonio and Paccapelo, Cinzia and Martinelli-Boneschi, Filippo and Peyvandi, Flora and Blasi, Francesco and Grasselli, Giacomo and Costantino, Giorgio and Santoro, Luigi and Scudeller, Luigia and Carrabba, Maria and Baldini, Marina and Miozzo, Monica and Montano, Nicola and Gualtierotti, Roberta and Pelusi, Serena and Bosari, Silvano and Aliberti, Stefano and Monzani, Valter and Invernizzi, Pietro and Gerussi, Alessio and Milani, Chiara and Ramirez, Alfredo and Andrade, Victor and Barreira, Ana and Kildal, Anders Benjamin and Gluck, Andreas and Bahmer, Thomas and Latiano, Anna and Palmieri, Orazio and Rando-Segura, Ariadna and Roade, Luisa and Solier, Aurora and Jimenez, David and Nieto, Rosa and Bellinghausen, Carla and Quereda, Carmen and Navas, Enrique and Spinner, Christoph D. and Schneider, Jochen and Lange, Christoph and Heyckendorf, Jan and Sancho, Cristina and Intxausti, Maider and Hoff, Dag Arne Lihaug and Afset, Jan Egil and Haider, Sammra and Pestana, David and Toapanta, David and Urrechaga, Eloisa and Espana, Pedro P. and Pontali, Emanuele and Garbarino, Lucia and Mazzocco, Michela and Arana, Eunate and Ayo, Natale Imaz and Sanchez, Felix Garcia and Malvestiti, Francesco and Pezzoli, Gianni and Neb, Holger and D'Amato, Mauro and Goikoetxea, Josune and Muller, Karl Erik and Heggelund, Lars and Gaede, I., Karoline and Sumoy, Lauro and Kogevinas, Manolis and Garcia-Aymerich, Judith and Castano-Vinyals, Gemma and Dobano, Carlota and Moreno, Victor and Gutierrez-Stampa, Maria A. and Vehreschild, Maria J. G. T. and Khodamoradi, Yascha and Castoldi, Massimo and Zheng, Tenghao and Seilmaier, Michael J. and Martinez, Nilda and Hoffmann, Per and Heilmann-Heimbach, Stefanie and Bacher, Petra and Ciesek, Sandra and Landmesser, Ulf and Skogen, Vegard and Calderon, Enrique J. and Medrano, Francisco J. and Delgado, Juan and Morilla, Ruben and Friaza, Vicente and Gudbjartsson, Daniel F. and Stefansson, Kari and Sulem, Patrick and Sveinbjornsson, Gardar and Melsted, Pall and Norddahl, Gudmundur and Moore, Kristjan Helgi Swerford and Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur and Holm, Hilma and Bernardo, David and Ampuero, Javier and Rello, Silvia Rojo and Magi, Reedik and Milani, Lili and Metspalu, Andres and Laisk, Triin and Lall, Kristi and Lepamets, Maarja and Esko, Tonu and Reimann, Ene and Alavere, Helene and Metsalu, Kristjan and Puusepp, Mairo and Naaber, Paul and Laane, Edward and Pesukova, Jaana and Peterson, Part and Kisand, Kai and Tabri, Jekaterina and Allos, Raili and Hensen, Kati and Starkopf, Joel and Ringmets, Inge and Tamm, Anu and Kallaste, Anne and Kristiansson, Kati and Koskelainen, Sami and Perola, Markus and Rivolta, Carlo and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Kamdar, Dhryata and Bochud, Pierre-Yves and Bibert, Stephanie and Boillat, Noemie and Nussle, Semira Gonseth and Albrich, Werner and Suh, Noemie and Neofytos, Dionysios and Erard, Veronique and Voide, Cathy and Bochud, P. Y. and Rivolta, C. and Bibert, S. and Quinodoz, M. and Kamdar, D. and Neofytos, D. and Erard, V and Voide, C. and Friolet, R. and Vollenweider, P. and Pagani, J. L. and Oddo, M. and zu Bentrup, F. Meyer and Conen, A. and Clerc, O. and Marchetti, O. and Guillet, A. and Guyat-Jacques, C. and Foucras, S. and Rime, M. and Chassot, J. and Jaquet, M. and Viollet, R. Merlet and Lannepoudenx, Y. and Portopena, L. and Desgranges, F. and Filippidis, P. and Guery, B. and Haefliger, D. and Kampouri, E. E. and Manuel, O. and Munting, A. and Papadimitriou-Olivgeris, M. and Regina, J. and Rochat-Stettler, L. and Suttels, V and Tadini, E. and Tschopp, J. and Van Singer, M. and Viala, B. and Boillat-Blanco, N. and Brahier, T. and Hugli, O. and Meuwly, J. Y. and Pantet, O. and Pumarola, Tomas and Nussle, S. Gonseth and Bochud, M. and D'Acremont, V and Younes, S. Estoppey and Albrich, W. C. and Suh, N. and Cerny, A. and O'Mahony, L. and Frischknecht, M. and Kleger, G-R and Filipovic, M. and Kahlert, C. R. and Wozniak, H. and Negro, T. Rochat and Pugin, J. and Bouras, K. and Knapp, C. and Egger, T. and Perret, A. and Montillier, P. and di Bartolomeo, C. and Barda, B. and Carreras, Anna and Mercader, Josep Maria and Guindo-Martinez, Marta and Torrents, David and Gori, Marco and Picchiotti, Nicola and Mondelli, Mario Umberto and Bruno, Raffaele and Ludovisi, Serena and Castelli, Francesco and Quiros-Roldan, Eugenia and Degli Antoni, Melania and Vaghi, Massimo and Rusconi, Stefano and Riva, Agostino and Siano, Matteo and Gabrieli, Arianna and Fabbiani, Massimiliano and Rossetti, Barbara and Rancan, Ilaria and Bargagli, Elena and Bergantini, Laura and D'Alessandro, Miriana and Cameli, Paolo and Bennet, David and Franchi, Federico and Anedda, Federico and Marcantonio, Simona and Scolletta, Sabino and Mazzei, Maria Antonietta and Guerrini, Susanna and Cantarini, Luca and Conticini, Edoardo and Frediani, Bruno and Tacconi, Danilo and Spertilli, Chiara and Feri, Marco and Donati, Alice and Scala, Raffaele and Guidelli, Luca and Spargi, Genni and Corridi, Marta and Nencioni, Cesira and Croci, Leonardo and Bandini, Maria and Spagnesi, Maurizio and Piacentini, Paolo and Desanctis, Elena and Cappelli, Silvia and Caldarelli, Gian Piero and Canaccini, Anna and Verzuri, Agnese and Anemoli, Valentina and Ognibene, Agostino and Pancrazi, Alessandro and Lorubbio, Maria and Monforte, Antonella D'Arminio and Merlini, Esther and Miraglia, Federica Gaia and Girardis, Massimo and Busani, Stefano and Venturelli, Sophie and Antinori, Andrea and Emiliozzi, Arianna and Vergori, Alessandra and Francisci, Daniela and Schiaroli, Elisabetta and Paciosi, Francesco and Scotton, Pier Giorgio and Andretta, Francesca and Panese, Sandro and Scaggiante, Renzo and Gatti, Francesca and Della Monica, Matteo and Piscopo, Carmelo and Capasso, Mario and Russo, Roberta and Andolfo, Immacolata and Iolascon, Achille and Merla, Giuseppe Fiorentino, Giuseppe and Castori, Marco and Carella, Massimo and Aucella, Filippo and Di Biagio, Antonio and Bassetti, Matteo and Masucci, Luca and Guarnaccia, Alessandra and Sanguinetti, Maurizio and Valente, Serafina and De Vivo, Oreste and Mandala, Marco and Giorli, Alessia and Salerni, Lorenzo and Zucchi, Patrizia and Parravicini, Pierpaolo and Giannattasio, Ferdinando and Trotta, Tullio and Coiro, Gabriella and Mussini, Cristina and Bosio, Giancarlo and Martinelli, Enrico and Tavecchia, Luisa and Belli, Mary Ann and Mancarella, Sandro and Crotti, Lia and Parati, Gianfranco and Rizzi, Marco and Maggiolo, Franco and Ripamonti, Diego and La Rovere, Maria Teresa and Sarzi-Braga, Simona and Bussotti, Maurizio and Ravaglia, Sabrina and Sabrina, Ravaglia and Artuso, Rosangela and Perrella, Antonio and Romani, Davide and Bergomi, Paola and Catena, Emanuele and Colombo, Riccardo and Dei, Simona and Tanfoni, Marco and Sanarico, Maurizio and Raimondi, Francesco and Biscarini, Filippo and Stella, Alessandra and Bergomi, Mattia and Vecchia, Marco and Mantovani, Stefania and Zanella, Isabella and Cossarizza, Andrea and Parisi, Saverio Giuseppe and Baratti, Stefano and Squeo, Gabriella Maria and Raggi, Pamela and Marciano, Carmen and Perna, Rita and Menatti, Elisabetta and Lena, Fabio and Gabbi, Chiara and Bachetti, Tiziana and Suardi, Claudia and Botta, Giordano and Di Domenico, Paolo and Trembath, Richard C. and Huang, Qin Qin and Martin, Hilary C. and Mason, Dan and Wright, John and Finer, Sarah and Akhtar, Shaheen and Anwar, Mohammad and Arciero, Elena and Ashraf, Samina and Breen, Gerome and Chung, Raymond and Curtis, Charles J. and Chowdhury, Maharun and Colligan, Grainne and Deloukas, Panos and Durham, Ceri and Griffiths, Chris and Hurles, Matt and Hussain, Shapna and Islam, Kamrul and Khan, Ahsan and Khan, Amara and Lavery, Cath and Lee, Sang Hyuck and Lerner, Robin and MacArthur, Daniel and MacLaughlin, Bev and Martin, Hilary and Miah, Shefa and Newman, Bill and Safa, Nishat and Tahmasebi, Farah and Griffiths, Christopher J. and Smith, V., Albert and Boughton, Andrew P. and Li, Kevin W. and LeFaive, Jonathon and Annis, Aubrey and Zollner, Sebastian and Wang, Jiongming and Beck, Andrew and Jannes, Cinthia E. and Krieger, Jose E. and Pereira, Alexandre C. and Velho, Mariliza and Marques, Emanuelle and Lima, Isabella Ramos and Tada, Mauricio Teruo and Valino, Karina and McCarthy, Mark and Rosenberger, Carrie and Chang, Diana and Hammer, Christian and Hunkapiller, Julie and Mahajan, Anubha and Pendergrass, Sarah and Sucheston-Campbell, Lara and Yaspan, Brian and Lee, Jong Eun and Lee, Hyun Soo and Shin, Eunsoon and Jang, Hye Yoon and Kim, Sunmie and Kym, Sungmin and Kim, Yeon-Sook and Jeong, Hyeongseok and Alegria, Ana and Kwon, Ki Tae and Kim, Shin-Woo and Kim, Jin Yong and Jang, Young Rock and Kim, Hyun Ah and Lee, Ji Yeon and Lee, Jeong Eun and Lee, Shinwon and Choe, Kang-Won and Kang, Yu Min and Ha Jee, Sun and Jung, Keum Ji and Parikh, Victoria and Wheeler, Matthew and Dalton, Karen and Christle, Jeff and Gorzynski, John and de Jong, Hannah and Sutton, Shirley and Youlton, Nathan and Joshi, Ruchi and Jimenez-Morales, David and Hughes, Christopher and Amar, David and Hershman, Steve and Kirillova, Anna and Seo, Kinya and Huang, Yong and Raja, Archana and Zhen, Jimmy and Ashley, Euan and Bustamante, Carlos and Rivas, Manuel and Ioannidis, Alex and Pinksy, Benjamin and Shoura, Massa and Hammond, Nathan and Watson, Nathaniel and Huang, ChunHong and Sahoo, Malaya and Wang, Hannah and Febbo, Phillip and Farh, Kyle and Schroth, Gary P. and DeSouza, Francis and Deboever, Christopher and Szalma, Sandor and Rubinacci, Simone and Delaneau, Olivier and McGuigan, Peter J. and Wasson, Christopher and Finn, Stephanie and Green, Jackie and Collins, Erin and King, Bernadette and Moore, Luke Stephen Prockter and Vizcaychipi, Marcela Paola and de Almeida Martins, Laura Gomes and Carungcong, Jaime and Hall, Kathryn and Mapfunde, Isheunesu and Campbell, Andy and Smuts, Sara and Duffield, Joseph and Smith, Oliver and Mallon, Lewis and Claire, Watkins and Nichol, Ailstair and Brickell, Kathy and Smyth, Michelle and Murphy, Lorna and Ward, Geraldine and Bremmer, Pamela and Page, Valerie Joan and Carmody, Siobhain and Semple, Malcolm G. and Solomon, Tom and Turtle, Lance C. W. and Hardwick, Hayley and Adeniji, Kayode and Agranoff, Daniel and Eziefula, Chi and Agwuh, Ken and Ail, Dhiraj and Aldera, Erin L. and Allen, Louise and Beranova, Eva and Crisp, Nikki and Deery, Joanne and Hazelton, Tracy and Knight, Alicia and Price, Carly and Tilbey, Sorrell and Turki, Salah and Turney, Sharon and Angus, Brian and Ashish, Abdul and Atkinson, Dougal and Bari, Shahedal and Barlow, Gavin and Barnass, Stella and Barrett, Nicholas and Douthwaite, Sam and Ostermann, Marlies and Shankar-Hari, Manu and Bassford, Christopher and Basude, Sneha and Baxter, David and Beadsworth, Michael and Welters, Ingeborg and Bernatoniene, Jolanta and Berridge, John and Best, Nicola and Bothma, Pieter and Tupper-Carey, Darell and Chadwick, David and Brittain-Long, Robin and Bulteel, Naomi and Murphy, Lee and Wrobel, Nicola and McCafferty, Sarah and Morrice, Kirstie and MacLean, Alan and Burden, Tom and Burtenshaw, Andrew and Caruth, Vikki and Chambler, Duncan and Chee, Nigel and Child, Jenny and Chukkambotla, Srikanth and Clark, Tom and Collini, Paul and Evans, Cariad and Mills, Gary H. and Ahmad, Norfaizan and Barker, Joann and Bauchmuller, Kris and Bird, Sarah and Cawthron, Kay and Harrington, Kate and Jackson, Yvonne and Kibutu, Faith and Lenagh, Becky and Masuko, Shamiso and Raithatha, Ajay and Wiles, Matthew and Willson, Jayne and Newell, Helen and Lye, Alison and Nwafor, Lorenza and Jarman, Claire and Rowland-Jones, Sarah and Foote, David and Cole, Joby and Thompson, Roger and Watson, James and Hesseldon, Lisa and Macharia, Irene and Chetam, Luke and Smith, Jacqui and Ford, Amber and Anderson, Samantha and Birchall, Kathryn and Housley, Kay and Walker, Sara and Milner, Leanne and Hanratty, Helena and Trower, Helen and Phillips, Patrick and Oxspring, Simon and Donne, Ben and Cosgrove, Catherine and Cupitt, Jason and Cutino-Moguel, Maria-Teresa and Dark, Paul and Dawson, Chris and Dervisevic, Samir and Drummond, Andrew and Ustianowski, Andrew and DuRand, Ingrid and Dushianthan, Ahilanadan and Dyer, Tristan and Fegan, Christopher and Finn, Adam and Fullerton, Duncan and Matovu, Elijah and Garg, Sanjeev and Garg, Atul and Gkrania-Klotsas, Effrossyni and Moore, Elinoor and Godden, Jo and Goldsmith, Arthur and Graham, Clive and Hardy, Elaine and Hartshorn, Stuart and Harvey, Daniel and Havalda, Peter and Workman, Andrew and Hawcutt, Daniel B. and Hobrok, Maria and Hodgson, Luke and Hormis, Anil and Jacobs, Michael and Jain, Susan and Jennings, Paul and Kaliappan, Agilan and Kasipandian, Vidya and Kegg, Stephen and Kelsey, Michael and Kerrison, Caroline and Kerslake, Ian and Koch, Oliver and Baruah, Rosie and Morris, Sheila and Ferguson, Susie and Shepherd, Amy and Koduri, Gouri and Koshy, George and Leiner, Tamas and Mortimore, Katherine and Laha, Shondipon and Laird, Steven and Larkin, Susan and Lillie, Patrick and Limb, James and Linnett, Vanessa and Little, Jeff and Lyttle, Mark and MacNaughton, Emily and Mankregod, Ravish and Masson, Huw and McCullough, Katherine and McEwen, Ruth and Wilson, Lawrence and Meda, Manjula and Minton, Jane and Ward, Karl and Mirfenderesky, Mariyam and Mohandas, Kavya and Mok, Quen and Moon, James and Capps, Nigel and Jose, Sanal and Morgan, Patrick and Morris, Craig and Moses, Samuel and Mpenge, Mbiye and Mulla, Rohinton and Murphy, Michael and Nagel, Megan and Nagarajan, Thapas and Nelson, Mark and O'Shea, Matthew K. and Green, Christoper A. and Otahal, Igor and Pais, Mark and Panchatsharam, Selva and Papakonstantinou, Danai and Bancroft, Hollie and Bellamy, Mary and Carmody, Margaret and Daglish, Jacqueline and Moore, Faye and Rhodes, Joanne and Sangombe, Mirriam and Kadiri, Salma and Scriven, James and Paraiso, Hassan and Patel, Brij and Pattison, Natalie and Pepperell, Justin and Phull, Mandeep and Pintus, Stefania and Pooni, Jagtur Singh and Post, Frank and Cavazza, Anna and Cockrell, Maeve and Corcoran, Eleanor and Depante, Maria and Finney, Clare and Jerome, Ellen and McPhail, Mark and Nayak, Monalisa and Noble, Harriet and O'Reilly, Kevin and Pappa, Evita and Saha, Rohit and Saha, Sian and Smith, John and Knighton, Abigail and Price, David and Prout, Rachel and Rae, Nikolas and Reschreiter, Henrik and Reynolds, Tim and Richardson, Neil and Roberts, Mark and Roberts, Devender and Rose, Alistair and Rousseau, Guy and Ryan, Brendan and Saluja, Taranprit and Shah, Aarti and Shanmuga, Prad and Sharma, Anil and Shawcross, Anna and Sizer, Jeremy and Bastion, Victoria and Clarke, Daphene and David, Beena and Kent, Harriet and Lorusso, Rachel and Lubimbi, Gamu and Murdoch, Sophie and Penacerrada, Melchizedek and Thomas, Alastair and Valentine, Jennifer and Vochin, Ana and Wulandari, Retno and Djeugam, Brice and Smith, Richard and Snelson, Catherine and Whitehouse, Tony and Spittle, Nick and Staines, Nikki and Visuvanathan, Shico and Stambach, Tom and Stewart, Richard and Subudhi, Pradeep and Szakmany, Tamas and Tatham, Kate and Thomas, Jo and Thompson, Chris and Tridente, 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Harrison, Janet and Marsh, Laura and Connor, Marie and Halpin, Sophie and Jackson, Clare and Gamble, Carrol and Donohue, Chloe and Leeming, Gary and Wham, Murray and Scott-Brown, James and Alex, Beatrice and Bach, Benjamin and Begg, Colin and Ho, Antonia Ying Wai and Horby, Peter W. and Ling, Lowell and Maslove, David and McAuley, Danny and Montgomery, Hugh and Nichol, Alistair and Openshaw, Peter J. M. and Thwaites, Ryan S. and Moore, Shona C. and Summers, Charlotte and Armstrong, Lisa and Bates, Hayley and Dooks, Emma and Farquhar, Fiona and Hairsine, Brigid and McParland, C. and Packham, Sophie and Alldis, Zoe and Astin-Chamberlain, Raine and Bibi, Fatima and Biddle, Jack and Blow, Sarah and Bolton, Matthew and Borra, Catherine and Bowles, Ruth and Burton, Maudrian and Choudhury, Yasmin and Collier, David and Cox, Amber and Easthope, Amy and Ebano, Patrizia and Fotiadis, Stavros and Gurasashvili, Jana and Halls, Rosslyn and Hartridge, Pippa and Kallon, Delordson and Kassam, Jamila and Lancoma-Malcolm, Ivone and Matharu, Maninderpal and May, Peter and Mitchelmore, Oliver and Newman, Tabitha and Patel, Mital and Pheby, Jane and Pinzuti, Irene and Prime, Zoe and Prysyazhna, Oleksandra and Shiel, Julian and Taylor, Melanie and Tierney, Carey and Wood, Suzanne and Zak, Anne and Zongo, Olivier and Forsey, Miranda and Nicholson, Anne and Riches, Joanne and Vertue, Mark and Grauslyte, Lina and Hussain, Musarat and Pogreban, Tatiana and Rosaroso, Lace and Salciute, Erika and Franke, George and Wong, Joanna and George, Aparna and Akeroyd, Louise and Bano, Shereen and Bromley, Matt and Gurr, Lucy and Lawton, Tom and Morgan, James and Sellick, Kirsten and Warren, Deborah and Wilkinson, Brian and McGowan, Janet and Ledgard, Camilla and Stacey, Amelia and Pye, Kate and Bellwood, Ruth and Bentley, Michael and Loosley, Ronda and McGuinness, Heather and Tench, Helen and Wolf-Roberts, Rebecca and Gibson, Sian and Lyle, Amanda and McNeela, Fiona and Radhakrishnan, Jayachandran and Hughes, Alistair and Ali, Asifa and Brady, Megan and Dale, Sam and Dance, Annalisa and Gledhill, Lisa and Greig, Jill and Hanson, Kathryn and Holdroyd, Kelly and Home, Marie and Kelly, Diane and Kitson, Ross and Matapure, Lear and Melia, Deborah and Mellor, Samantha and Nortcliffe, Tonicha and Pinnell, Jez and Robinson, Matthew and Shaw, Lisa and Shaw, Ryan and Thomis, Lesley and Wilson, Alison and 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and Griffin, Denise and Muchenje, Nycola and Mupudzi, Mcdonald and Partridge, Richard and Conyngham, Jo-Anna and Thomas, Rachel and Wright, Mary and Corral, Maria Alvarez and Dawson, Joy and Garrioch, Sweyn and Tolson, Melanie and Aldridge, Jonathan and Beavis, Sarah and Dale, Katie and Gascoyne, Rachel and Hawes, Joanne and Pritchard, Kelly and Stevenson, Lesley and Whileman, Amanda and Cowley, Anne and Highgate, Judith and Crawley, Rikki and Crew, Abigail and Cunningham, Mishell and Daniels, Allison and Harrison, Laura and Hope, Susan and Inweregbu, Ken and Jones, Sian and Lancaster, Nicola and Matthews, Jamie and Nicholson, Alice and Wray, Gemma and Benham, Leonie and Bradshaw, Zena and Brown, Joanna and Caswell, Melanie and Melling, Sarah and Preston, Stephen and Slawson, Nicola and Stoddard, Emma and Warden, Scott and Combes, Edward and Joefield, Teishel and Monnery, Sonja and Beech, Valerie and Trotman, Sallyanne and Hopkins, Bridget and Thrasyvoulou, Laura and Willis, Heather 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and Sargeant, Janet and Anderson, Madeleine and Jardine, Catherine and Williams, Dewi and Parris, Victoria and Quaid, Sheena and Watson, Ekaterina and Melville, Julie and Naisbitt, Jay and Joseph, Rosane and Lazo, Maria and Walton, Olivia and Neal, Alan and Hill, Michaela and Kannan, Thogulava and Wild, Laura and Allan, Elizabeth and Darlington, Kate and Davies, Ffyon and Easton, Jack and Kumar, Sumit and Lean, Richard and Menzies, Daniel and Pugh, Richard and Qiu, Xinyi and Davies, Llinos and Williams, Hannah and Scanlon, Jeremy and Davies, Gwyneth and Mackay, Callum and Lewis, Joannne and Rees, Stephanie and Coetzee, Samantha and Gales, Alistair and Raj, Meena and Sell, Craig and Langton, Helen and Watters, Malcolm and Novis, Catherine and Arbane, Gill and Bociek, Aneta and Campos, Sara and Grau, Neus and Jones, Tim Owen and Lim, Rosario and Marotti, Martina and Whitton, Christopher and Barron, Anthony and Collins, Ciara and Kaul, Sundeep and Passmore, Heather and Prendergast, Claire and Reed, Anna and Rogers, Paula and Shokkar, Rajvinder and Woodruff, Meriel and Middleton, Hayley and Polgar, Oliver and Nolan, Claire and Thwaites, Vicky and Mahay, Kanta and Sri-Chandana, Chunda and Scherewode, Joslan and Stephenson, Lorraine and Marsh, Sarah and Ayers, Amanda and Harrison, Wendy and North, Julie and Gill, Mandy and Paul, Paul and Ratnam, Valli and Shelton, Sarah and Wynter, Inez and Baptista, David and Crowe, Rebecca and Fernandes, Rita and Herdman-Grant, Rosaleen and Joseph, Anna and Loveridge, Adam and McKenley, India and Morino, Eriko and Naranjo, Andres and Simms, Richard and Sollesta, Kathryn and Swain, Andrew and Venkatesh, Harish and Khera, Jacyntha and Fox, Jonathan and Barber, Russell and Hewitt, Claire and Hilldrith, Annette and Jackson-Lawrence, Karen and Shepardson, Sarah and Wills, Maryanne and Butler, Susan and Tavares, Silvia and Cunningham, Amy and Hindale, Julia and Arif, Sarwat and George, Linsha and Twiss, Sophie and Wright, David and Holland, Maureen and Keenan, Natalie and Lyons, Marc and Wassall, Helen and Marsh, Chris and Mahenthran, Mervin and Carter, Emma and Kong, Thomas and Adanini, Oluronke and Bhatia, Nikhil and Msiska, Maines and Mew, Louise and Mwaura, Esther and Williams, Felicity and Wren, Lynn and Sutherland, Sara-Beth and Battle, Ceri and Brinkworth, Elaine and Harford, Rachel and Murphy, Carl and Newey, Luke and Rees, Tabitha and Williams, Marie and Arnold, Sophie and Hardy, John and Houlden, Henry and Moncur, Eleanor and Tariq, Ambreen and Tucci, Arianna and Convery, Karen and Fottrell-Gould, Deirdre and Hudig, Lisa and Keshet-Price, Jocelyn and Randell, Georgina and Stammers, Katie and Abdelrazik, Marwa and Bakthavatsalam, Dhanalakshmi and Elhassan, Munzir and Ganesan, Arunkumar and Haldeos, Anne and Moreno-Cuesta, Jeronimo and Purohit, Dharam and Vincent, Rachel and Xavier, Kugan and Rohit, Kumar and Alasdair, Frater and Saleem, Malik and David, Carter and Jenkins, Samuel and Lamond, Zoe and Wall, Alanna and Reynolds, Jessica and Campbell, Helen and Thompsom, Maria and Dodds, Steve and Duffy, Stacey and Butcher, Deborah and O'Sullivan, Susie and Butterworth-Cowin, Nicola and Deacon, Bethan and Hibbert, Meg and Pothecary, Carla and Tetla, Dariusz and Woodford, Christopher and Durga, Latha and Kennard-Holden, Gareth and De Gordoa, Laura Ortiz-Ruiz and Peasgood, Emily and Phillips, Claire and Skinner, Denise and Gaylard, Jane and Mullan, Dee and Newman, Julie and Davies, Ellie and Roche, Lisa and Sathe, Sonia and Brimfield, Lutece and Daly, Zoe and Pogson, David and Rose, Steve and Collins, Amy and Khaliq, Waqas and Gude, Estefania Treus and Giles, Julian and Booth, Simon and Bell, Gillian and English, Katy and Katary, Amro and Wilcox, Louise and Campbell, Rachael and Clarke, Noreen and Whiteside, Jonathan and Mascarenhas, Mairi and Donaldson, Avril and Matheson, Joanna and Barrett, Fiona and O'Hara, Marianne and O'Keefe, Laura and Bradley, Clare and Collier, Dawn and Walker, Rachel and Maynard, Victoria and Patel, Tahera and Smith, Matthew and Kazi, Aayesha and Hartley, Janice and Dykes, Joseph and Hijazi, Muhammad and Keith, Sarah and Khan, Meherunnisa and Ryan-Smith, Janet and Springle, Philippa and Thomas, Jacqueline and Truman, Nick and Saad, Samuel and Coleman, Dabheoc and Fine, Christopher and Matt, Roseanna and Gay, Bethan and Dalziel, Jack and Ali, Syamlan and Goodchild, Drew and Harling, Rhiannan and Bhatterjee, Ravi and Goddard, Wendy and Davison, Chloe and Duberly, Stephen and Hargreaves, Jeanette and Bolton, Rachel and Verlander, Mark and Williams, Alexandra and Blackman, Helen and Creagh-Brown, Ben and Donlon, Sinead and Michalak-Glinska, Natalia and Mtuwa, Sheila and Pristopan, Veronika and Salberg, Armorel and Smith, Eleanor and Stone, Sarah and Piercy, Charles and Verula, Jerik and Burda, Dorota and Montaser, Rugia and Harden, Lesley and Mayangao, Irving and Marriott, Cheryl and Bradley, Paul and Harris, Celia and Cooper, Joshua and Finch, Cheryl and Liderth, Sarah and Quinn, Alison and Waddington, Natalia and Fidler, Katy and Tagliavini, Emma and Donnelly, Kevin and Abel, Lynn and Brett, Michael and Digby, Brian and Gemmell, Lisa and Hornsby, James and MacGoey, Patrick and O'Neil, Pauline and Price, Richard and Rodden, Natalie and Rooney, Kevin and Sundaram, Radha and Thomson, Nicola and Flanagan, Rebecca and Hughes, Gareth and Latham, Scott and McKenna, Emma and Anderson, Jennifer and Hull, Robert and Rhead, Kat and Branney, Debbie and Frankham, Jordan and Pitts, Sally and White, Nigel and Cristiano, Daniele and Dormand, Natalie and Farzad, Zohreh and Gummadi, Mahitha and Liyanage, Kamal and Salmi, Sara and Sloane, Geraldine and Varghese, Mathew and Zborowski, Anelise C. and Patel, V., Brijesh and Bean, Sarah and Burt, Karen and Spivey, Michael and Eastgate-Jackson, Christine and Filipe, Helder and Martin, Daniel and Maharajh, Amitaa and Garcia, Sara Mingo and De Neef, Mark and Lynch, Ceri and Howe, Gwenllian Sera and Singh, Jayaprakash and Turner, Keri and Ellis, Hannah and Stroud, Natalie and Cherian, Shiney and Cutler, Sean and Heron, Anne Emma and Roynon-Reed, Anna and Williams, Gemma and Richards, Owen and Cheema, Yusuf and Bevan, Emily and Martin, Jane and Trodd, Dawn and Watson, Geoff and Brown, Caroline Wrey and Bunni, Lara and Jennings, Claire and Latif, Monica and Marshall, Rebecca and Subramanian, Gayathri and Bandla, Nageswar and Gellamucho, Minnie and Davies, Michelle and Thompson, Christopher and Donnison, Phil and Trim, Fiona and Eapen, Beena and Ahmed, Cecilia and Baines, Balvinder and Clamp, Sarah and Colley, Julie and Haq, Risna and Hayes, Anne and Hulme, Jonathan and Hussain, Samia and Joseph, Sibet and Kumar, Rita and Maqsood, Zahira and Purewal, Manjit and Chandler, Ben and Elliott, Kerry and Mallinson, Janine and Turnbull, Alison and Dent, Kathy and Horsley, Elizabeth and Akhtar, Muhmmad Nauman and Pearson, Sandra and Potoczna, Dorota and Spencer, Sue and Blakemore, Hayley and Borislavova, Borislava and Faulkner, Beverley and Gendall, Emma and Goff, Elizabeth and Hayes, Kati and Thomas, Matt and Worner, Ruth and Smith, Kerry and Stephens, Deanna and Delgado, Carlos Castro and Dawson, Deborah and Ding, Lijun and Durrant, Georgia and Ezeobu, Obiageri and Farnell-Ward, Sarah and Harrison, Abiola and Kanu, Rebecca and Leaver, Susannah and Maccacari, Elena and Manna, Soumendu and Saluzzio, Romina Pepermans and Queiroz, Joana and Samakomva, Tinashe and Sicat, Christine and Texeira, Joana and Da Gloria, Edna Fernandes and Lisboa, Ana and Rawlins, John and Mathew, Jisha and Kinch, Ashley and Hurt, William James and Shah, Nirav and Clark, Victoria and Thanasi, Maria and Yun, Nikki and Patel, Kamal and Crickmore, Vikki and Debreceni, Gabor and Wilkins, Joy and Nicol, Liz and Burn, Iona and Hambrook, Geraldine and Manso, Katarina and Penn, Ruth and Shanmugasundaram, Pradeep and Tebbutt, Julie and Thornton, Danielle and Rostron, Anthony and Roy, Alistair and Woods, 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Johnston, Brian and Martinez, Maria Lopez and Mulla, Suleman and Shaw, David and Waite, Alicia A. 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The genetic make-up of an individual contributes to the susceptibility and response to viral infection. Although environmental, clinical and social factors have a role in the chance of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and the severity of COVID-19(1,2), host genetics may also be important. Identifying host-specific genetic factors may reveal biological mechanisms of therapeutic relevance and clarify causal relationships of modifiable environmental risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection and outcomes. We formed a global network of researchers to investigate the role of human genetics in SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 severity. Here we describe the results of three genome-wide association meta-analyses that consist of up to 49,562 patients with COVID-19 from 46 studies across 19 countries. We report 13 genome-wide significant loci that are associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection or severe manifestations of COVID-19. Several of these loci correspond to previously documented associations to lung or autoimmune and inflammatory diseases(3-7). They also represent potentially actionable mechanisms in response to infection. Mendelian randomization analyses support a causal role for smoking and body-mass index for severe COVID-19 although not for type II diabetes. The identification of novel host genetic factors associated with COVID-19 was made possible by the community of human genetics researchers coming together to prioritize the sharing of data, results, resources and analytical frameworks. This working model of international collaboration underscores what is possible for future genetic discoveries in emerging pandemics, or indeed for any complex human disease.
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pagine (da-a)472-477
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Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2021


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