Lipofilling as refinement procedure in maxillo-mandibular malformations

Daniele Cervelli, Giulio Gasparini, Alessandro Moro, Sandro Pelo, Enrico Foresta, Francesca Grussu, G. D’Amato, Paolo De Angelis, Gianmarco Saponaro

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Maxillo-mandibular asymmetry has numerous aetiologies: congenital, traumatic, iatrogenic and post-oncologic. Patients with congenital dentofacial malformations are generally submitted to orthognathic surgery and/or additional procedures (genioplasty, alloplastic implants) with satisfactory results. However, despite achieving skeletal symmetry, noticeable facial asymmetry may persist.This study was performed in 45 patients (29 women and 16 men) operated between December 2012 and June 2014. All patients were affected by maxilla-mandibular asymmetry and underwent orthognatic surgery for hard tissue correction of the deformity. Residual facial alterations were then treated with lipofilling refinement proceure. In all cases good integration of the grafted fat was observed in the recipient sites. Retrospective analysis of photographic documentation showed progressive volumetric decrease for up to approximately 6 months after surgery; after that graft volume remained relatively stable. There were no significant surgical complications, either from the fat harvest site or the reconstructed site. Mild oedema and bruising were frequent during the first post-operative week. No haematomas, infections, vascular or nervous injuries were recorded. Twenty-four patients felt the need to have a second procedure. A second fat transfer was performed in 22 cases, and a third in 2 (total of 69 procedures). Based on the observations of our study, fat grafting is a simple, effective and reproducible technique, with a high satisfaction rate and few disadvantages or complications. We demonstrated that the success of lipofilling is dependent on the treated aesthetic subunits of the face. The malar and lateral cheek regions seem to be highly favourable for fat grafting, unlike the upper and lower lips subunits. Composite procedures using orthognathic surgery and autologous fat provide the surgeon with an additional, more customisable option for patients with maxillo-mandibular malformations.
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pagine (da-a)368-372
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RivistaActa Otorhinolaryngologica Italica
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2016


  • Lipofillig
  • Maxillo-mandibular asymmetry
  • Orthognatic surgery


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