L'Atthis di Fanodemo nell'Atene licurghea

Marcello Bertoli

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Phanodemos was probably contemporaneous to Lycurgos, whose political group ruled at Athens between 337/6 and 325/4 b.C. This is attested by a set of inscriptions where Phanodemos’ name appears in proximity to important politicians of those years; besides he was member of the boulé in 343/2 b.C. and he is also mentioned in connection with the cult of Amphiaraos at Oropus (§1). Ikiaká (§2.1), Deliaká (uncertain; §2.2) and Atthís (§2.4) are recorded under his name. Twenty seven certain fragments have been preserved from the Atthís (§2.4.1); most of them were quoted by II century authors like Harpocration, Athenaeus and Plutarch, although there is no way to know whether they read the original text of Phanodemos (§2.4.2). Contentwise, most of the preserved fragments show great interest in archaic and mythical ages, always in an athenocentric perspective; the sole fragments about an historical period (concerning the battle of Salamis, the battle of the Eurymedon and the death of Kimon) show the aim of glorifying the past of Athens (§2.4.5). Even if we cannot exactly define the Phanodemos’ political thought, I think we have to highlight his proximity to Lycurgos’ political group and his habit of exalting Athens: as a matter of fact, his aim seems to be the glorification of pre-Ephialtean democracy.
Titolo tradotto del contributo[Autom. eng. transl.] Fanodemus' Athis in the licurghea Athens
Lingua originaleItalian
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteStorie di Atene, storia dei Greci. Studi e ricerche di attidografia
EditorCinzia Bearzot, FRANCA LANDUCCI
Numero di pagine33
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2010
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  • Demon
  • Demone
  • Demostene
  • Demosthenes
  • Fanodemo
  • Licurgo
  • Lycurgos
  • Melanthios
  • Melanzio
  • Phanodemos
  • attidografia
  • attidography


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