In the epoch of ISIS, terms such as fundamentalism, jihad or Islamism have entered the daily vocabulary. But what do they mean? Where do they originate? How much in them is religious utopia and how much political project? What is the place of violence? This volume, born out of an inter-disciplinary work interweaving Islamic studies, political sciences, philosophy and sociology, sets out to define in the first place the terms employed: political violence and civil life; Islamic fundamentalism; jihad. In its second part it sketches the relationship that Islamist movements established with the modern State in the Middle East, between armed contestation and political participation, both before and after the Arab revolutions of 2011. A third and last section is devoted to the evolution of contemporary jihadism, from al-Qaida to ISIS, in its operational and communication dimensions, with a special focus on the phenomenon in Italy and the responses of local Islamic communities as well as possible paths of de-radicalisation.
Titolo tradotto del contributo[Autom. eng. transl.] The fundamentalist galaxy between armed jihad and political participation
Lingua originaleItalian
EditoreMarsilio Editore
ISBN (stampa)978-88-317-4005-0
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2015

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  • Fondamentalismo islamico
  • Jihadism
  • Jihadismo
  • Political Islam


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