La datazione dell’Athenaion Politeia pseudosenofontea: problemi metodologici e proposte interpretative

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(§1) The paper begins with an introduction providing a definition of the problem together with some methodological matters concerning the issue, particularly those of searching the work for precise dating references and of evaluating the general impression provided by the text: both of them are actually needed in order to identify a terminus post quem and a terminus ante quem defining a time range for the dating. (§2) Then the paper offers a survey of the main proposed datings, classified into three subsequent time ranges, i.e. the period preceeding the Peloponnesian war, then the 431-413 years and finally the period following the Sicilian defeat, extending over the turn of the century. In this frame, arguments are provided against the first and the last period, proposing to focus on the middle one. (§3) In the third section of the paper, some interesting passages of the work are examined, i.e. II 5; 13; 14 and 16; 15; 17, and a few others, potentially providing useful dating references. (§4) Finally, the main dating issues are discussed. The first one is the mention of the fÒroj in II 1, III 2 and III 5. The last passage may supply 425/4 as a terminus ante quem, because of the æj t¦ poll£ statement; besides and most important, the detail provided about the quadriennial assessment of the fÒroj makes sure that the work cannot be written after 413, when the fÒroj was replaced by the e„kost». An additional terminus ante quem, consistent with the former, can be inferred from considering the oligarchic esperience of 411 b.C.: some passages suggest the Old Oligarch is unaware of the strategy adopted by Peisander and his fellow conspirators to seize the power; this implies that the work must have been written before 411. In conclusion, the work is likely to have matured in the oligarchic milieu around 415, a context of hectic activity of the hetaireiai, in which the impending coup d’état gradually takes form.
Titolo tradotto del contributo[Autom. eng. transl.] The dating of the Athenaion Politeia pseudosenofontea: methodological problems and interpretative proposals
Lingua originaleItalian
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL’Athenaion Politeia rivisitata. Il punto su Pseudosenofonte
Numero di pagine43
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2011


  • Athenaion Politeia
  • Datazione
  • Lega Delio-attica
  • Senofonte


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