"Il Vittorioso": une revue pour la formation de la jeunesse italienne au-delà de la propagande fasciste

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At the beginning of 1937 the Young People of the Association Catholic Action created a new weekly magazine for boys called «Il Vittorioso», intended mainly for those italian adolescents who didn’t read other magazines which were openly in favour of fascism such as «Il Balilla» nor the debatable comics of American origin such as «L’Avventuroso», «L’Audace» o «Topolino» («Mickey Mouse») accused of inciting violence. «Il Vittorioso» found a place in the press of the fascist period with a certain continuity comparable with the best tradition of Italian children’s magazines such as «Corriere dei Piccoli», but also contained aspects which broke with tradition. The choice to publish many comics by exclusively Italian authors was farsighted because «Il Vittorioso» gave birth to an experimental laboratory for comics with young writers such as Gian Luigi Bonelli, Benito Jacovitti and Lino Landolfi who could write and draw in an original way for young people and were able to interpret their basic cultural needs. The language used could appeal to a fascist mentality by playing on the different meanings of certain terms. «Il Vittorioso» was well able to interpret the changes taking place in communication and these were more and more influenced by and modelled on the widespread popularity of the cinema, but they were also affected by the brief and direct structures of speech of the futurist movement. While these changes in communication were accepted as being useful for propaganda by fascism, they also found a place in an educational project grounded in the Catholic tradition of good press as an aspect of the social teaching of the Church.
Titolo tradotto del contributo[Autom. eng. transl.] "Il Vittorioso": a magazine for the training of Italian youth beyond fascist propaganda
Lingua originaleFrench
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLittérature pour la jeunesse et dictature au XXe siècle
EditorS. A. Delcroix, C. Maeder
Numero di pagine16
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2015


  • Novecento
  • XXe siècle
  • letteratura per l'infanzia
  • littérature pour la jeunesse
  • revue pour la jeunesse
  • riviste per ragazzi


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