Growth and Income Distribution - Essays in Economic Theory

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This is a collection of six essays in economic theory. The first contains the formulation of the Ricardian system. The second and third contain the Author's synthetic treatment of fluctuations and economic growth and Theorem of the long run rate of profit and income distribution independent of the working class's propensity to save. The other essays include bringing into the open the Ricardian roots of Keynes' analysis; economic growth in light of the theories of Harrod, Domar and Kaldor. Finally, the last essay is devoted to the evaluation of economic controversies and on the basic forces determining the rate of profit in the process of economic growth. Italian version: Sviluppo Economico e distribuzione del reddito- Saggi di teoria economica, Bologna: Il Mulino, 1977, pp.203. Spanish translation: Crecimiento económico y distribución de la renta - Ensayos de teoría económica, Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 1978, pp.178. Portuguese translation: Crescimento e Distribuição de Renda - Ensaios de Teoria Econômica, Rio de Janeiro: Zahar Editores, 1979, pp.xi +179. Japanese translation: Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1985, pp.xii + 209.
Lingua originaleEnglish
EditoreCambridge University Press
Numero di pagine151
ISBN (stampa)0521204747
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 1974


  • Cyclical fluctuation and economic growth
  • Economic dynamics
  • Economics of effective demand
  • Growth
  • Income distribution
  • Mathematical formulation of the Ricardian System
  • fluctuations and economic growth
  • rate of profit


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