Expression of the neurokinin 1 receptor in the mouse retina

Elisabetta Catalani, Carlo Gangitano, Luigi Bosco, Giovanni Casini

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Abstract—Previous studies have revealed that the expression pattern of the neurokinin 1 receptor (the preferred receptor for substance P, SP) varies in different mammalian retinas. We investigated NK1 receptor expression in the mouse retina to provide background information for future studies in transgenic mice on SP functional roles in the retina. Mouse retinal sections were treated for single and double-label immunofluorescence. NK1 receptor immunoreactivity was in bipolar cells and in numerous amacrine cells. Double-label studies showed that NK1 receptor-expressing bipolar cells constituted a population of ON-type cone bipolar cells, since they were distinct from rod bipolar cells and contained glycine. They were nonrandomly distributed with highest density in central retina. These cells were similar and may correspond to the population of NK1 receptor-expressing bipolar cells of the rabbit retina. Different subsets of NK1 receptor-expressing amacrine cells were identified on the basis of the expression of selected neurotransmitter substances: i) about 23% of NK1 receptor-expressing amacrine cells also contained glycine; ii) the remaining 77% were likely to be GABAergic, although some inconsistency was observed in the GABA immunostaining obtained with two different GABA antibodies; iii) all dopaminergic amacrine cells also expressed NK1 receptors; iv) about one third of SP-containing amacrine cells also expressed NK1 receptors. These findings confirm and expand previous observations in rat and rabbit retinas. In particular, common to all three species is the expression of NK1 receptors in dopaminergic amacrine cells, indicating that SP neurotransmission may be a universal feature of the circuitry of the dopaminergic amacrine cell. Peculiar to the mouse retina is the presence of putative NK1 autoreceptors expressed by SP-containing amacrine cells.
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Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2004
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  • amacrine cells
  • autoreceptors
  • bipolar cells
  • dopamine
  • neuropeptide receptors
  • substance P


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