Effects of canopy manipulations on whole-vine photosynthesis: Results from pot and field experiments

C Intrieri, Stefano Poni, B Rebucci, E Magnanini

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A two-year study was conducted with potted and field-grown grapevines to examine the effects of canopy restriction and leaf removal on total vine assimilation (TVA). TVA was measured using a flow-through gas exchange system equipped with flexible plastic chambers enclosing the entire canopy. Canopy restriction was applied to potted bush-shaped (BS) and field-grown spur-pruned cordon (SPC) vines on trellises to force the foliage into the smallest canopy volume. Leaf removal was performed on free cordon (FC) and SPC-trained vines at different dates to eliminate internal leaves shaded to varying extent. Canopy restriction reduced TVA more severely in the BS canopies than in the trellised SPC vines. Leaf removal elicited varying responses depending upon canopy shape, initial canopy density and leaf/fruit ratio. The FC vine showed no decrease in TVA after 27 % of its total leaf area had been removed, suggesting the occurrence of active photosynthetic compensation. TVA decreased with defoliation in the SPC vine, although the effect was mostly due to the leaf removal applied earlier in the season. In the FC vine a regression of total leaf area versus TVA showed maximum TVA at 6.0-6.5 m2 of leaf area per meter of canopy. In SPC vines this relationship indicated a linear increase of TVA with leaf area and the lack of a saturation threshold under our experimental conditions. Sugar accumulation in the grapes of SPC vines correlated closely to the ratios leaf area/fruit and TVA/yield.
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pagine (da-a)167-173
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Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 1997


  • leaf removal, Vitis vinifera, ripening


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