A novel bud-forcing technique aimed at obtaining two crops (primary and forced) within the same season was tested on potted Pinot noir grapevines. Removing young, vegetative organs from primary shoots trimmed to six nodes in early summer allows dormant buds to break para-dormancy, leading to a delayed, second crop. Meanwhile, the primary crop is left untouched. In our study, bud-forcing was applied at three different timings (full flowering, fruit-set, groat-sized berries) and compared with an unforced control (UC). Vegetative growth, yield components, shoot and vine balance as leaf area-to-yield ratios, leaf gas exchange, and grape composition were determined. Regardless of the timing of application, forcing was effective at unlocking either apical or sub-apical dormant buds on the trimmed shoot, whereas the more basal nodes stayed dormant. The additional crop present on forced shoots was 40%–50% of primary crop, which equated to approximately 1 kg/vine for all treatments. Fruitfulness on newly formed forced shoots varied from 0.8 to 1.1 clusters/shoot. Primary clusters in vines subjected to forced treatments reached target maturity with a delay of 7–12 days compared to UC, whereas forced-crop, picked at the latest available date (October 7) showed higher total soluble solids, anthocyanins and phenolics than the primary crop while retaining higher acidity. This ripening behavior was reflected in the higher A rates measured in late season on the basal leaves of forced shoots versus those of primary shoots. Forcing did not compromise fruitfulness of the basal primary nodes, which set at about 1.2 inflorescence primordia/shoot. This is the first report supporting the feasibility of double cropping in Vitis vinifera L. in warm viticulture regions.
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