CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) through English in Italian Higher Education

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This is a research study into an approach known as Content and Language Integrated Learning or CLIL through English in Italian higher education. There is as yet little agreement on terminology, definitions, learning theories or classroom approaches as regards CLIL. A distinction is therefore made between CLIL, ICLHE (Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education), Content-based Instruction, L2-medium Instruction and Bilingual Education. A rationale of the reasons why the terms CLIL or ICLHE, which imply the integration of content and language, have been chosen for this study is provided. The research design comprises both quantitative and qualitative elements. A questionnaire survey of all Italian universities profiled the many courses presently delivered using English as the vehicular language, and found some homogeneity in process and subjects, but differences linked to private or public funding and to geographical area. A survey of students (n=134) was designed and administered to obtain their evaluation of a list of techniques used by lecturers to help students understand lectures delivered through English. Respondents recognised and considered as useful most of the categories, including the use of repetitions, examples, summaries, definitions, synonyms, questions and emphasising with intonation. The qualitative part involved observing, recording, transcribing, and analysing lectures delivered through English by four university science lecturers, who were also interviewed. For each university, two lecturers were recorded giving at least three hours of lectures and their input presentation strategies were analysed. Results confirm the validity of some input presentation strategies and show similarities and differences between student and lecturer perceptions. The data also show discrepancies, at times, between the strategies considered useful by the lecturers and those actually used in the classes. Finally, the triangulated data show that non-native lecturers are creative in the use of input presentation strategies for students and that existing categories need extending.
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