CIDEC/FSP27 and PLIN1 gene expression run in parallel to mitochondrial genes in human adipose tissue, both increasing after weight loss

J. M. Moreno-Navarrete, F. Ortega, M. Serrano, J. I. Rodriguez-Hermosa, W. Ricart, Geltrude Mingrone, J. M. Fernández-Real

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OBJECTIVE: FSP27 KO mice showed enhanced expression of mitochondrial genes, increased mitochondrial activity and smaller lipid droplets. Here, we aimed to investigate lipid droplet protein (CIDEC/FSP27 and perilipinA (PLIN1)) gene expression in human adipose tissue in association with obesity, insulin resistance and mitochondrial gene expression. DESIGN AND SUBJECTS: In cohort 1, CIDEC/FSP27, PLIN1, adipogenic (FASN, ACACA, PPARG, GLUT4) and mitochondrial (PPARGC1A, PPARGC1B, TFAM, MT-CO3) gene expression were analyzed in 171 adipose tissue samples (88 visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and 83 subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) depots) and in a time course experiment in human subcutaneous and visceral preadipocytes using real-time PCR. In cohort 2, the effects of bariatric surgery-induced weight loss were also evaluated in six caucasian morbidly obese women. Additionally, in cohort 2 FSP27 and PLIN1 protein levels were measured using western blotting. RESULTS: CIDEC/FSP27 (1.03±0.52 vs 0.49±0.23 relative gene expression unit (R.U.), P<0.0001) and PLIN1 (1.32±0.82 vs 0.63±0.42 R.U., P<0.0001) gene were significantly more expressed in SAT than in VAT. In VAT, CIDEC/FSP27 and PLIN1 gene expression decreased with body mass index, percent fat mass, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, HOMA and were positively associated with adipogenic (PPARG, GLUT4, FASN and ACACA) and mitochondrial biogenesis (PPARGC1A, PPARGC1B, TFAM and MT-CO3)-related genes. Mitochondrial gene expression increased during adipocyte differentiation in parallel to FSP27 and PLIN1 and other adipogenic genes. After bariatric surgery-induced weight loss, PLIN1 and CIDEC/FSP27 gene and protein expression in SAT increased significantly in parallel to adipogenic and mitochondrial genes. CONCLUSION: These findings suggest a positive functional interaction between CIDEC/FSP27, PLIN1 and mitochondrial biogenesis-related genes in human adipose tissue.
Lingua originaleEnglish
pagine (da-a)865-872
Numero di pagine8
RivistaInternational Journal of Obesity
Stato di pubblicazionePubblicato - 2013


  • plin1, human adipose tissue


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