Amyntas III, father of Philip II

Franca Landucci

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Amyntas III became king of Macedonia in 394/3 bce after a six-year dynastic struggle. He was the grandson of Amyntas, a son of Alexander I, and the son of Arrhidaios. Amyntas III's reign offered little stability to Macedonia, because the king had to contend with two aggressive neighbors, the Illyrians in the West and the Chalcidian League led by Olynthos in the East. Amyntas was driven out of his country by Illyrians who invaded Macedonia, and giving up hope for his crown, he ceded to the Olynthians some of his territory which bordered on theirs. For the time being he lost his kingdom, but shortly recovered his crown, and ruled for twenty-four years. Amyntas married Eurydike, the daughter of the Illyrian (?) Sirrhas and the granddaughter of Arrhabaios of Lynkos, who was the mother of his successors.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteEncyclopedia of Ancient History
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  • Alexander II of Macedon
  • Philip II of Macedon


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