Amastris of Herakleia.

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Amastris was the daughter of Oxyathres, the brother of the Persian king Darius III. She married Krateros, the general of Alexander the Great. After Alexander’s death, Krateros married her to Dionysios the tyrant of Herakleia Pontica. After Dionysios’ death, she ruled Herakleia and the satrapy under Antigonos I, until Lysimachos arrived in the area and she offered herself in marriage to him. Lysimachos subsequently married one of the daughters of Ptolemy I Soter, Arsinoe I, and Amastris, still allied to Lysimachos, returned to Herakleia and founded Amastris as the new capital of her kingdom. She was murdered by her sons: they were not recognized by Lysimachos as her successors and were sentenced to death.
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  • Macedonia
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