I. The Protection of Adults: An Overview: A. Adults ’ Protection Defined; B. A Legal Landscape Marked by Diversity; C. The Impact of Measures of Protection on Capacity. - II. Adults’ Protection as a Human Rights Concern: A. The New Paradigm of Disability; B. Universal and Regional Instruments on the Rights Relating to Disability; C. The Contribution of Civil Society. - III. The Role of Private International Law in the Realisation of the Fundamental Rights of Adults: A. The Right to Obtain Support in Cross-Border Cases; B. The Instrumentality of Private International Law. - IV. The Hague Adults Convention: A. Origins and Principal Orientations of the Convention; B. Some Key Features of the Convention: (i) An ‘Integral’ Regime; (ii) The Choice of Habitual Residence as the Main Connecting Factor; (iii) The Respect for, and Promotion of, the Adult's Self-Determination; (iv) Adults’ Protection Outside Judicial or Administrative Proceedings; (v) The Promotion of Inter-Jurisdictional Dialogue and Cooperation. - V. The International Protection of Adults in Prospect. - VI Concluding Remarks.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationA Guide to Global Private International Law
EditorsP. Beaumont, J. Holliday
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • Diritto internazionale privato
  • Private international law
  • Protection of adults
  • Protezione degli adulti


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