The Potential of Pervasive Sensors and Computing for Positive Technology: The Interreality Paradigm

Silvia Serino, Pietro Cipresso, Andrea Gaggioli, Giuseppe Riva

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Positive Technology is an emerging field that could be defined as the scientific and applied approach to the use of advanced technology for improving the quality of our personal experience. This discipline effectively combines the purposes of Positive Psychology with the enhancements of Information and Communication Technologies to promote individual and social well-being. Here, we suggest that a further advancement for Positive Technology might be offered by a new technological paradigm, namely Interreality. The value of Interreality Paradigm lies in bridging the gap between virtual and real world by integrating different pervasive sensors and computing technologies to create a hybrid, closed-loop empowering experience for the assessment and treatment actually missing in the traditional research and clinical approach of psychological disorders. Interreal-ity Paradigm uses biosensors, activity sensors and mobile devices (PDAs, mobile phones, etc.) to conduct the continuous assessment throughout the virtual and real experiences. It enables tracking of the individuals' general and psychological sta-tus over time in several settings. The information collected during the assessment phase is constantly used to monitor individuals' progress and to precisely calibrate their treatment sessions thanks to a decision support system. Finally, Interreality Paradigm uses advanced simulations (virtual experiences) to transform health guidelines and provision in meaningful and engaging experiences. A recently funded European project "INTERSTRESS – Interreality in the management and treatment of stress-related disorders" will offer the right context to test and tune these ideas.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPERVASIVE AND MOBILE SENSING AND COMPUTING FOR HEALTHCARE. Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation
EditorsS. Mukhopadhyay, O. A. Postolache
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • Interreality
  • Positive Technology


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