The linoleate synthase ene lds1 is involved in fumonisins synthesis and reproduction of Fusarium verticillioides

Valeria Scala, E. Camera, M. Ludovici, A. M. Emili, Chiara Dall'Asta, Martina Cirlini, Paola Giorni, Rossella Gregori, Paola Battilani, Corrado Fanelli, Massimo Reverberi

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Fusarium verticillioides is a fungal pathogen that causes ear and stalk rot in maize and produces the harmful series of mycotoxin fumonisins. Oxylipins are compounds derived from fatty acids and factors able to modulate the plant-mycotoxigenic fungi interaction and mycotoxins synthesis. In this study we inactivated a copy of the linoleate diol synthase 1 (LDS1) gene (lds1-acc. N. FVEG_09294.3) of Fusarium verticillioides strain ITEM 10027. LDS1 produces mainly 8-HPODE and, subsequently, different di-HODEs which are involved in the control of sexual/asexual reproduction, secondary metabolism and pathogenicity in Aspergillus. This study was aimed at investigating the role played by this gene in F. verticillioides. All the mutant strains showed an altered asexual and sexual reproduction, produced a higher amount of conidia compared with the wild type (WT), whereas the sexual reproduction was variable among the mutants tested. Moreover, mutant strains presented a higher fumonisin accumulation with respect to the WT. LC-MS/MS oxylipins profile was carried out on mutant strains and significant differences with the WT were found, also related to the unsaturated fatty acids profile. These results indicate that also in F. verticillioides, oxylipins play a role in the modulation of reproduction, mycotoxin accumulation and, probably, in the control of the lipid profile.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)31-31
Number of pages1
JournalJournal of Plant Pathology
Publication statusPublished - 2013
EventConvegno Nazionale SIPaV - Padova
Duration: 23 Sept 201325 Sept 2013


  • Fusarium verticillioides
  • lds1
  • maize


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