The EU Diplomacy under Review

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Although the first three years of activity of the European External Action Service have certainly been impinged by extraordinarily severe economic and political conditions, the Service’s unremarkable performance is also widely attributed to its inadequate management. A close examination of the Review presented by the High Representative at the end of the EEAS’s transitional period may help comprehend to what extent this is actually the case. In examining this report, this short article tries to single out both functional shortcomings and more deep-rooted weaknesses of the Service, such as the problematic relation with the usually inconsistent political guidance provided by Member States. The article discusses the assessments and the reform proposals concerning the organization, the functioning, the staffing and the resources of the EEAS provided by the Review. Moreover, in light of the forthcoming appointment of a new High Representative, it also offers some recommendations aimed at a more coherent and effective common foreign policy.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • European Union


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