The Different Roles in Youth Soccer Sector Between Cooperation and Conflict (part II)

Caterina Gozzoli, Chiara D'Angelo, Daniela Frascaroli

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Social-productive background is defined as “Liquid modernity” (Baumann 2002) and typical processes are flexibility and globalization (Sennett, 1999). Sport reflects this complexity, is polyedrical (different actors, representations, roles…); generates culture and is generated by culture. Additionally, sport represents a bond between people and groups and it is a social life place made of highly emotional and relational contents, in a continuous tension between opposite pushes, conflict and cooperation. Sport organizations are characterized by an increasing complexity, answering the need to manage the various relationships and job frame at the same time (technical, social, educational, promoting aspects). The youth sector is connoted by different speakers and an increasing tension among the overgrowing competitive aims and the delicate relationship adults and teens. This qualitative research (2005-2007), promoted by Catholic University of Milan (Department of Psychology), in collaboration with FIGC, aims to: (a) give voice to different actors to know their representations of sport, soccer, different actors and relationships, which characterize soccer youth sectors; and (b)understand critical aspects and efforts which characterize actors’ experiences. This work is the fulfilment of, and goes deeper into, the research presented at the AASP Conference (Gozzoli, Frascaroli, D’Angelo, 2007) concerning findings about young athletes and parents. Participants are 30 coaches and 30 managers; 60 semi-structured interviews have been conducted. Content-analysis have been made with the support of software Atlas.ti. Data analysis have been conducted both on each involved group and on a transversal level (comparing results). In fact, the in-depth analysis regarding coaches and managers will be integrated with findings showed last year, in order to give a more complex and global view. Findings give a relevant know-how and contribution to (re)organize youth sport sectors and to design new training paths for all the actors involved.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAssociation for Applied Sport Psychology. 2008 Conference Proceedings.
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventXXIII AASP Annual Conference (Association for Applied Sport Psychology) - St. Loius (MO)
Duration: 24 Sep 200827 Sep 2008


ConferenceXXIII AASP Annual Conference (Association for Applied Sport Psychology)
CitySt. Loius (MO)


  • calcio
  • settore giovanile
  • youth soccer sector


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