Surgery-first: A new approach to orthognathic surgery

Federico De Nuccio, F. De Nuccio, M. M. D’Emidio, Sandro Pelo

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This case study describes the treatment of a 20-year-old white woman with a skeletal Class III and dental Class III malocclusion followed by a retrognathic and contracted maxilla, light mandibular crowding and a median line deviation of 5 mm. The treatment was based on the Surgery-First approach, involving LeFort I maxillary advancement surgery, and it was followed by orthodontic treatment. During the 6-month treatment period, excellent aesthetic results and good functional occlusion were achieved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)98-102
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Dentistry (all)
  • Orthognatic surgery
  • Surgery first approach


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