State of the Art in Grape Processing By-Products

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Grapes are one of the largest fruit crops in the world. FAOSTAT (2013) reports a 77.18 Mton production in 2013 with China (11.55 Mton), Italy (8.01 Mton), USA (7.74 Mton), Spain (7.48 Mton), and France (5.52 Mton) being the top five producers. The other fruit crops with a larger production than grape are (always according to FAOSTAT, 2013) watermelon (108.93 Mton), bananas (105.96 Mton), and apples (80.82 Mton). In 2013 the world wine production was 27.42 Mton, with 57% of production in Europe, followed by Americas (25.7%), Asia (7.5%), Oceania (5.4%), and Africa (4.5%). The top five wine producers include France (4.29 Mton), Italy (4.11 Mton), Spain (3.20 Mton), USA (3.22 Mton), and Chile (1.83 Mton). The situation has slightly changed in 2015, with an estimated world production of 27.5 million of hL and Italy (4.89 MhL), France (4.74 MhL), Spain (3.66 MhL), USA (2.21 MhL), and Argentina (1.34 MhL) being the five top producers (OIV, International Organisation of Vine and Wine, 2015).
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