Sociologia del lavoro: una storia lunga quarant’anni. Un’introduzione

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] Sociology of work: a forty-year long history. An introduction

Barbara Barabaschi, Laura Zanfrini, Vando Borghi, Federico Chicchi, Barbara Giullari, Giorgio Gosetti, Michele La Rosa, Enrica Morlicchio, Francesco Pirone, Roberto Rizza

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


[Autom. eng. transl.] The introduction to the special issue of the Journal Sociology of Work, published in the year in which the forty-year anniversary of its birth occurs, traces the most representative themes of the life of the Journal. After recalling the reasons for its birth, an analysis of the main issues addressed by the magazine over the years is presented with an interdisciplinary approach. More precisely, it explores the role it has played in the diffusion of scientific knowledge with respect to the transformations of work, with reference to the dimensions of business organization, labor and welfare policies, industrial relations, consumption styles, of diversity in the workplace, presenting research conducted both in Italy and abroad. In this regard, we underline the international vocation that the magazine has had since the early years of activity. In the second part some changes are anticipated concerning Sociology of Work which, in the near future, will be presented with a renewed editorial appearance. Finally, the third part anticipates the most relevant contents of the essays published in the special issue, linking them to the history of the Journal and its specific characteristics.
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] Sociology of work: a forty-year long history. An introduction
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)13-36
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • editorial innovation
  • evoluzione editoriale
  • labour market policies
  • organizzazione del lavoro
  • politiche del lavoro
  • sociologia del lavoro
  • sociology of work
  • work organization


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