Sms, chat e forum: la relazione d aiuto mediata tecnologicamente nella prevenzione del disagio giovanile

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] Sms, chats and forums: the technologically mediated help relationship in the prevention of youth discomfort

Fabiana Maria Gatti, Paola De Luca

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[Autom. eng. transl.] SMS, CHAT AND FORUM: THE TECHNOLOGICALLY MEDIATED HELP RELATIONSHIP IN THE PREVENTION OF YOUTH DEATH Fabiana Gatti, Paola De Luca Research Center and Communication Psychology of Communication Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan INTRODUCTION The growing demand for listening by young people in recent years he found an answer / welcome in new mediate / virtual spaces, made available by the development of new technologies. The latter can be put to use in primary and secondary prevention strategies, aimed at adolescents and young adults who can use them to enhance their coping skills, rework their need to transform it, if necessary, into a question to ask the services territorial. OBJECTIVES The research is aimed at studying if / how it is possible to ask / receive help in a virtual space, through the analysis of discursive productions realized through chat / forum ( and SMS (@gile). METHOD The assumption of analysis is the centrality of verbal language - in this case written - in the "construction of inner experience, intersubjective relationships and the transformative relationships of reality" of people. The analysis conducted has allowed to bring out the discursive and conversational dynamics implemented by the subjects according to a dialogical perspective, through a mutual exchange of information and a process of co-construction of meanings (Galimberti, 1997). The perspective from which we started was therefore to consider the pragmatic function of language, within an interlocutory conception of communication processes. A qualitative approach was chosen, according to an exploratory and descriptive logic, through the development of an adequate research and production facility for data production and analysis and conceptual tools and analysis categories. CORPUS • 313 forum interventions (opening of the service, one year, two years from the opening) • 283 log files (from January 2005 to March 2006; in each log file there can be more than one conversation). • 168 SMS (October 2003-March 2005). • content analysis (Atlas.Ti quali-quantitative analysis sw) by SMS, forum, but NOT CHAT • analysis of conversations by SMS, chat, NON forum. Three levels of categories: - subject - object - process CONCLUSIVE RESULTS Information • SMS: obtaining a precise and prompt response stimulates the request for help from the adolescent, especially as protected by anonymity (consumption of substances and arguments of a sexual nature); users who request information have revealed nothing or almost nothing about their identity (gender, age, etc.). - User: "Where can these consultors be found? Do you need to make an appointment? I have to go with my parents or can they anke nn saxlo? Kmq nn I do nothing wrong, right? - @gile: "Hello, surely you are not doing anything wrong indeed it is very nice that you ask yourself all these questions. The consultancies are ASL services and can be found in almost all countries, you can also go there on your own and in some even without an appointment. If you want I can help you find the number, just tell me the town where you live. Ciao @gile • FORUM: few requests for information. At the base: the public dimension of the forum addresses the type of requests of users who "learn the use" by reading the messages of others, visible to all. It is important to consider that the service here is managed by "non-experts" • CHAT: a form that is not widely used, despite its potential, as in this space it is easier to deepen the request: often behind the simple request for information there is a deeper discomfort, that the
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] Sms, chats and forums: the technologically mediated help relationship in the prevention of youth discomfort
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationAtti del X CONVEGNO NAZIONALE AIP Sez: Psicologia Sociale
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventX Congresso AIP- Sezione Psicologia Sociale - Cesena
Duration: 24 Sep 200726 Sep 2007


ConferenceX Congresso AIP- Sezione Psicologia Sociale


  • nuove tecnologie
  • relazione d'aiuto

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