Skol’ko vsego «Uljalaevščin»? [Quante sono le «Uljalaevščina»?]

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


The paper is a part of the research that aims to reconstruct the history of Uljalajevščina, one of the main poems of Sel’vinskij, that he continued to change over almost all of his life. One of the most important steps of the research is to inventory all the versions of the poem and its fragments. The paper presents the first list of all the variants of Uljalajevščina, printed as well as kept in archives; and for the first time all these texts are described and systematised.
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationVestnik krymskih čtenij I.L. Sel’vinskogo, Simferopol’, 2018, № 15
Number of pages30
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventKrymskie čtenija I.L. Sel’vinskogo - Simferopol'
Duration: 20 Oct 201721 Oct 2017


ConferenceKrymskie čtenija I.L. Sel’vinskogo


  • 20th century Russian literature, textual criticism, archives, Ilya Selvinsky

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