Rethinking leadership in megaprojects. Results from a preliminary investigation

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The purpose of this paper is to find out leadership lessons from megapro- ject through the life stories of two managers involved in managing teams in a megaprojects’ setting (Clegg, Sankaran, Biesenthal and Pollack, J., 2017; Flyvbjerg, 2014). The focus of our analysis is to discover leadership traits and principles that the project leader applies to achieve his project and com- pany’s aims. The two managers are both engaged in projects of the railway sector even if with different perspectives. The projects that they follow take place in an international scenario and in a multicultural and multi- stakeholders’ environment. In the paper a narrative inquiry approach apply- ing thematic analysis is followed to grab lessons learnt through the two managers’ experience in a megaproject context. Narratives are collected di- rectly from megaprojects managers through interviews. Organization studies have used the narrative analysis that a few authors started also to apply to project management research. The aim of the paper is to contribute to the
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMegaprojects. Multidisciplinarity as the key to successful management
EditorsF Cantoni, E Favari
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • leadership
  • megaprojects


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