Programming the flow of migration for work motives (The sisxth Italian report on migrations)

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Within the yearly Italian Report on Migrations (2000’s edition) realised by the ISMU Foundation – the main Italian scientific institution on migrations and interethnic cohabitation – this chapter focuses the attention on one of the “hottest” question of the current debate on immigration: programming the flow of immigration for work motives. After providing a general picture of the international trends, it describes the main characteristics of migrants participation in the Italian labour market, stressing the prospects opened by the new Law on immigration. Than it describes the needs of the Italian firms, thanks to the results of the Unioncamere-Excelsior monitoring system. The contribution is also available in the Italian version (see: “La programmazione dei flussi per motive di lavoro”, Sesto Rapporto sulle migrazioni)
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Sixth Italian Report on Migrations 2000
Number of pages29
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • immigration
  • immigrazione
  • labour market
  • mercato del lavoro
  • migration policies
  • politiche migratorie


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