Prognostic factors in head and neck cancer: a 10-year retrospective analysis in a single-institution in Italy.

Gabriella Cadoni, Gaetano Paludetti, Giovanni Almadori, Stefania Boccia, Luca Giraldi, Livia Petrelli, Manlio Pandolfini, Monica Giuliani, Roberta Pastorino, Emanuele Leoncini, Dario Arzani

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This study was undertaken to evaluate the association between demographics, lifestyle habits, and clinical data and overall survival (OS), recurrence and second primary cancer (SPC) in patients with first primary head and neck cancer (HNC). We retrospectively reviewed data from 482 patients treated at the "Agostino Gemelli" Teaching Hospital, Rome, between 2002-2012 for primary HNC. Individual parameters were evaluated for association with specific outcomes such as OS, cancer recurrence and second primary cancer (SPC) appearance using hazard ratios (HR) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs). Five-year OS was 60.6% for all HNC cases, 49.0% for oral cavity, 54.8% for oropharynx, 50.0% for hypopharynx and 63.4% for larynx. Predictors of OS were older age (HR = 1.04; 95% CI: 1.02-1.05) and advanced tumour stage (HR = 2.00; 95% CI: 1.41-2.84). The risk of recurrence was associated with drinking 8-14 drinks per week (HR = 1.73; 95% CI: 1.00-2.97). The risk of developing SPC increased with advanced tumour stage (HR = 2.75; 95% CI: 1.39-5.44) and with smoking for more than 40 years (HR = 3.68; 95% CI: 1.10-12.30). OS differed among HNC sites. Increasing age was an unfavourable predictor of HNC OS. Tumour stage was a prognostic factor both for OS and for risk of developing SPC. Alcohol and tobacco consumption were prognostic factors for recurrence and SPC, respectively.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)N/A-N/A
JournalActa Otorhinolaryngologica Italica
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • head and neck cancer
  • prognostic factors


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