Proceedings of the Finnish-Italian Workshop on Information Systems

Franca Cantoni (Editor), Hannu Salmela (Editor)

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The Joint Finnish-Italian Workshop on Information Systems (FIWIS) was held on Sunday 13th June 2004, prior to ECIS2004 in Turku, Finland. This workshop was originally intended to attract young Finnish and Italian researchers and is designed to be a side event to ECIS2004. The organisers later extended the scope of the workshop so that also participants from Sweden were possible Hence, FIWIS 2004 is the first major initiative to strengthen the ties between the Scandinavian and Italian IS/IT communities and is addressed especially to PhD students at their first or second year. The workshop offered an opportunity for all those young Finnish and Italian researchers interested in IS to meet in a specialized venue to discuss research activities, findings and exchange experiences. Finnish and Italian PhD students were encouraged to submit: • a research proposal • a literature review • a research in progress paper • a full research paper Main interest areas of workshop: • IT innovations • Knowledge Management • IS development • Outsourcing • Research methods and methodologies All reports were refereed by reviewers with expertise in the area and the accepted and presented ones were included in the FIWIS Workshop Proceedings.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCantoni F., Salmela H.
Number of pages145
ISBN (Print)9521214562
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • information systems


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