Per molti ma non per tutti. I trentenni nel mercato del lavoro milanese

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] For many but not for everyone. Thirty-year-olds in the Milan job market

Francesco Marcaletti

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


[Autom. eng. transl.] Analyze the condition of the thirty-year-olds in Milan in relation to their participation in the labor market, with the ambition to deduce from the available information indicators that can give back an image of what is happening and which are the deepest dynamics currently at work, it is not one of the simplest tasks. Precisely because we are talking about thirty-year-old Milanese, more in Milan than elsewhere, and more for those in their thirties than for other age categories, there are many axes to consider. On the one hand, to fully understand the trends that characterize the employment status of this age group, it is necessary to move towards comparative analyzes, which highlight the specificities that emerge in relation to the categories of forty and fifty, more than in their twenties, also taking into account the gender dimension. On the other hand, together with the axes of age and gender, the origin of the Milanese thirty-year-olds should not be taken for granted, a composite cohort precisely because of the incidence that today the foreign immigrant component holds. Analyzes that ignore the consideration of these factors would risk being misleading, returning images that would contribute to reiterating a rhetoric of the difficulties that would affect the current thirties that is distant from what is actually happening. Difficulties and criticalities there are, but only for some; not for others. And all the more so as we begin to illustrate what emerges considering, together with the dynamics of the last year, those of the period of crisis that has also affected the Milanese labor market from 2008 to today.
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] For many but not for everyone. Thirty-year-olds in the Milan job market
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationMilano 2013. Trentenni in cerca d'autore. Attori dietro le quinte o nuova classe dirigente. Rapporto sulla città
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Milano
  • Trentenni


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