Neurophysiological correlates of user experience in Smart Home Systems (SHSs): first evidence from electroencephalography and autonomic measures

Laura Angioletti, Federico Cassioli, Michela Balconi

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


Home automation brings together technology, engineering, and user experience (UX).Within this framework, even neuroscience could be a valuable discipline to exploreUX. For the first time, in the present work, some distinguishing effects of domoticson users’ cognitive and emotional behavior are highlighted by using the neuroscientificapproach. In order to define possible effects of a smart home system (SHS) on UX,a neuroscientific multimethodology was adopted with the purpose of recording andconfronting the neural activity (electroencephalography, EEG) and autonomic systemresponses of 19 individuals during a resting state (RS) baseline and the exploration offive different tech-interaction areas in a domotic environment. EEG findings showed ageneralized neural activation reflected by alpha band activity while participants wereexploring the tech areas confronted with the RS. The delta band was mainly presentin temporo-central compared to frontal and parieto-occipital areas and was interpretedas a higher emotional activation related to the whole UX. This effect was found forthe sixth tech-interaction area (i.e., bedroom) compared to the RS, and it is supposedto represent an enhanced emotional response and integration processing toward ahigher multisensory interactive area. Regarding autonomic activity, an increase in heartrate (HR) was found for the bedroom area compared to the RS, thus showing aspecific effect on physiological indices in this engaging tech area. The present researchconstitutes the first attempt to understand the user responsiveness to SHS, in termsof cognitive and emotional engagement, by adopting a neuroscientific perspective.Some high-value benefits derived from this approach will be described in light of theneurophysiological results.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTowards Users’ Optimal and Pleasurable Experience in Smart Environments
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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  • autonomic measures
  • domotics
  • electroencephalography
  • home automation
  • smart home systems


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