Nel ricordo dei discepoli. Parabole, detti, miracoli

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] In the memory of the disciples. Parables, sayings, miracles

Inos Biffi (Editor), Aldo Granata (Editor), Costante Marabelli (Editor), Davide Riserbato (Editor)

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[Autom. eng. transl.] The attention of Anselm's scholars is almost always focused on the theologian who makes use of the resources of philosophical research to the point of practicing, in theology, the method of "reason alone" and the objective of "necessary reasons". But there are other "Anselmi", difficult to suspect starting from the philosophical-theological works in dialectical or dialectical-meditative form. There is Anselm, so to speak, of affections, which can be known through the letters of monastic friendship and through the Orationes sive meditationes, including in some ways also the Proslogion, a meeting point between demonstrative research and affective research. But finally there is also the parabolic Anselm, dispenser of wisdom through storytelling. Jean Leclercq recognized in Anselm "two styles, two different" scripts "that reflect his different activities, as abbot of ordinary monks and as theologian and doctor of the Church". Two disciples and admirers of Anselm, the monks Eadmero and Alessandro, have registered and offered to posterity the ordinary teaching of Anselm which is addressed not to the learned and speculative, but to those who lived in the monasteries and needed to guide their daily practice with simplicity and concreteness. There is in Anselmo - and there is not a negligible side of his complex personality - a communicative vis that makes him not only a theological and mystical mind, but also a master capable of capturing and enchanting with the creation of images. This volume collects, translates and comments on the texts highlighted under the title of Memorials of St. Anselm by Richard William Southern and Franciscus Salesius Schmitt, and contains the "Human Behaviors through Similes", the "Sayings of Anselm", the " Miracles "by Anselmo, the" Written on the bliss of endless life ", and a series of other testimonies:" Anselmian miscellany ". And it is the first time that as a whole they have been translated into the modern language.
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] In the memory of the disciples. Parables, sayings, miracles
Original languageItalian
PublisherJaca Book
Number of pages763
ISBN (Print)978-88-16-40863-0
Publication statusPublished - 2009
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  • Anselmo d'Aosta, parabole, detti, miracoli


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