La profonda meraviglia. La psicologia dei momenti di eternità

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[Autom. eng. transl.] In this short text you will be asked to imagine, let yourself be carried away and immerse yourself in the world of emotions. This, which more than a world is a universe, will constitute the privileged way to understand and savor the moments of eternity. Before providing a definition and a related explanation, let's choose to let you savor these unique moments, starting with a story. Imagine some women, now in their eighties, coming from a remote village, such "Daone" in Trentino-Alto Adige. One day, one of many, women decide to embark on a journey to the sea. Far from their habits, from the mountains, from their families and their customs, they feel the need to appease this need and to try something that had never been part of their lives until that moment: immerse themselves in the waters of the sea. This experience is documented in the docufilm Funne: Eighty-year-old girls who dreamed of the sea by Katia Bernardi and was part of the real life of these courageous and enterprising women. Now, we ask you to picture the Funne immersed in the sea for the first time, imagining and savoring that single moment of encounter with the water in which time stops, the breath is held and then released in the midst of a deep sigh, the eyes open as well as the mind and heart. At the film's debut, in an interview with Tgr Petrarca's magazine, the creator of the documentary described this moment of encounter with the unknown water as "a moment of eternity". In this text, we have made that expression our own to name a complex feeling that characterizes these moments of eternity. Since this sentiment, to date, has only a foreign name, we have chosen to translate it freely, but in a thoughtful way, with “profound wonder”. In fact, it is not just a question of "wonder" but of an even deeper, heartfelt, engaging feeling capable of upsetting, lowering and elevating us at the same time. In Italian, we could also call it "sublime" but in this volume we prefer not to complicate things too much with a complex and articulated literature that draws from the world of religion, philosophy and art. Here, we prefer to voice the psychology of deep wonder. In particular, this book intends to talk about experiences of profound wonder that can be assimilated to horizons of eternity: small or large moments in life in which people have felt immersed, even literally, in something unexpectedly new, destabilizing, greater than themselves, profound and extremely true, to the point of marking a "new point" in one's personal life path. How can we observe these complex and mysterious experiences? How to study them, reproduce them and understand them? The book tries to answer precisely these questions. Psychology will be our helmsman to probe such a little known sea. A helmsman still inexperienced, and for this reason, perhaps, even more interesting to follow.
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ISBN (Print)9788892230729
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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