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In 316 BCE, on the Pallene isthmus (western part of the Chalcidian peninsula), Cassander, Antipatros’ son, who had just returned victorious to Macedonia after an exile of about three years, founded a new city called Kassandreia after his own name. Under the reign of Cassander and Lysimachos, the city received the status of allied city, formally independent from the kingdom of Macedonia. In 276 BCE, Antigonos Gonatas, who had just become king of Macedonia, conquered Kassandreia and killed the tyrant Apollodoros. From then onward, Kassandreia was fully incorporated into the kingdom of Macedonia until the end of the Macedonian monarchy in 168 BCE. After 43 BCE Kassandreia became a Roman colony with the name Colonia Iulia Augusta Cassandrensis. In 539–40 CE Kassandreia was captured by the Slavs and destroyed.
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