Introduction to Ethics in Health Technology Assessment. HTAi 2021 Annual Meeting

Pietro Refolo, Dario Sacchini, S Duncan, B Bloemen, K Bond

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This workshop will deepen understanding the role of Hospital Based HTA on the decision making; participants will learn the steps for developing an assessment in hospital-based context and tools to perform a rapid assessment; it will be presented the implementation process of its recommendations. For each section there is an analysis of the impact of the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the global scenario regarding healthcare and the use of tools such as HB-HTA. Operational processes have become much faster and there has been a greater need for information on technologies for diagnosing and treating COVID. Which of these had a rationale, some potential evidence, which impact on the organization and which costs. All questions to which the Hospital Based HTA was asked to give answers that required its reorganization both of a methodological and operational type. The workshop aims to illustrate these changes resulting from real experiences lived in different parts of the globe. 1. Main role of HB-HTA – functions 2. Has HB-HTA role changed as a consequence of the pandemic? 3. Steps for a HB-HTA, relying on AdHopHtA 4. Rapid Assessment? Criteria 4.a. Assessment of clinical outcomes, evidence level and safety 4.b. Assessment with real world HTA 4.c. Assessment of patient perception 4.d. Assessment of economic consequences 4.e. Assessment of organizational consequences 4.f. Assessment of other potential aspects: Strategical, legal, ethical etc. 4.g. How to ensure the quality of HB HTA? 5. Implementation process of the HB-HTA recommendations into the hospital decision making. Impact of pandemic 6. Discussion and closing • To give the participants: - an understanding of how HB HTA can be organized, produced and implemented at hospitals as the basis for decisions on investment in new health technologies - skills to produce high quality HB HTAs on their hospitals on the basis of the evidence from the AdHopHTA project. • To show potentials of HB-HTA to push for value-based innovations in hospitals • To discuss examples of HB HTAs including assessments of innovative, digital health technologies produced within hospitals. • To share the challenges and strategies to implement and carry out HB-HTA in the pandemic context
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHTAi 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting: Workshop Abstracts
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2021
EventHTAi 2021 Annual Meeting - N/A
Duration: 19 Jun 202123 Jun 2021


ConferenceHTAi 2021 Annual Meeting


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