Immigrazione e contesti locali.Annuario CIRMiB 2015

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] Immigration and local contexts CIRMiB Yearbook 2015

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[Autom. eng. transl.] The volume is divided into four sections. The first part contains a wide range of social statistics, which touch all the areas of integration of immigrants and their children in the local community of Brescia, with a particular focus on work, health, education. The contribution of Cavasola, in accordance with the mission of CIRMiB, analyzes the 'distribution of immigrants on the territory up to the levels of the social-health districts and of the single municipalities, the trend of the different nationalities in their regular and irregular components, the segmentation of the population by gender, age and age of immigration '. The foreign presence in the Brescia training system, which stands out as a complex multicultural school scenario with some trends similar to national ones and some of its specificities, is well defined in Barabanti's essay. The second part of the Yearbook delves into the very topical issue of the management of refugees and asylum seekers at different territorial levels - international and European, national, regional, local -. The common thread that links the seven contributions is the 'local management' of the 'forced migrants'. The articles' explore the issue from the different points of territorial observation, where the operation - legal assistance, socio-health care and service orientation - meets with the theoretical re-elaboration capacity and with the institutional responsibilities of those in charge of reception '. The system of reception of 'forced migrants' in Italy is well described, in its articulations, by the Prefect Morcone, which traces 'the first and second level relief and reception activity, as well as the questions of international protection'. The essay by Zanotti and Traina recalls the theme of the reasons for the strong human mobility and the different policies for managing migratory flows and explores the problems related to the phenomenon of forced migration in the world, with particular reference to the local situation, examining the arrival of the refugees and asylum seekers, both in quantitative terms, and in the area of reception systems in place in 2014/2015 '. The contribution of Fenaroli deals with the issue of coexistence and co-responsibility of immigrants in Brescia also in relation to the role of the Municipality, while the question of good practices and 'mismanagement' of asylum seekers in Campania is at the center of the work of Morniroli and Masera deals with the theme of the activities of legal clinics in Brescia to protect the rights of migrants. The essay by Tarsia is based on information gathered in the area of the Strait of Messina, in particular on the experience of four recently established Sprar centers and offers a critical survey of the testimonies of thirteen operators of reception, integration and legal operators. The work of Consoli and Daher deals with the issue of managing the reception of unaccompanied foreign minors (UAMs) in the province of Catania. The MSNA figure represents 'the point of intersection and overlap between the objectives of protection and rejection, between responsibility towards autonomy and responsibility for integration, well-being and control'. The focus of Section III of the Yearbook is the theme of vulnerability, understood as the risk of the migrant. The contributions of this section examine both the vulnerability side, 'as a starting condition during the insertion and integration of the foreigner', and that of the migrant's resources that 'act as a shield against trajectories of self-degradation, exclusion and inferiorization'. The contribution of Battilocchi analyzes the condition of single-parent foreign families with minor children, affected by two significant factors of vulnerability: the migration case and the family structure
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] Immigration and local contexts CIRMiB Yearbook 2015
Original languageItalian
PublisherVita e Pensiero
Number of pages295
ISBN (Print)9788834330111
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Alunni stranieri
  • Brescia
  • Interculturalism
  • asylum seekers
  • comunità locale
  • famiglie miste
  • intercultura
  • local community
  • migration processes
  • migrazioni
  • minori stranieri non accompagnati
  • mixed family
  • richiedenti asilo
  • students with immigrant background
  • unaccompained children


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