"Il Joyce irlandese di Andrew Gibson"

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] "Andrew Gibson's Irish Joyce"

Geraldina Colombo

Research output: Other contribution


[Autom. eng. transl.] The volume by Andrew Gibson, James Joyce: A Critical Life, published in London in 2006 (ed. Reaktion), and appeared in Italy for the Il Mulino editions after two years, aroused the approval of the Irish and international press, who did not hesitate to call it "James Joyce Literary Supplement", which is the "eminently sensible approach" (Irish Independent), whose "analytical care" (El Pais ) contributes to making it an "illuminating work" (D. Kiberd, introduction to the text). The author, professor of modern literature at the Royal Holloway University in London and eminent Joyce scholar (we cite, for example, the recent publication Joyce's Revenge: History, Politics and Aesthetics in Ulysses, Oxford University Press, 2002), reads the biography of James Joyce (Dublin, 1882 - Zurich, 1941) according to a "critical" perspective, as we learn from the original edition paratesto, departing from the traditional biographical approach, and placing itself in the wake of the postcolonial and historical-political Joyce studies, matrix of the his works.
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] "Andrew Gibson's Irish Joyce"
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • James Joyce
  • legami con Irlanda


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