Education in a crisis: Italy within Southern Europe, trends and the way forward

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The essay draws on this crisis-frame and aims at showing as the education system in Italy, compared with Greece, Portugal and Spain that converge for the similar Mediterranean welfare regime, reacted to crisis in a peculiar way. By comparing statistical indicators of national performances (about: educational access, school success, equity, and inclusion of students with ethnic background) during the crisis time (2000-2015), we want to focus on the sufferance but also on the resilience of the Italian system of education. Four priorities rise in the direction of its reformability: completion of schools autonomy, completion of the digitalization plan providing all schools with updated ICTs, changes in time scheduling of the school offer, and implementation of the national evaluation system. The essay reports findings from a cross-national research project, carried out in 2014 by ISCTE-IUL of Lisbon with the support of the Foundation of Science and Technology (Portugal Government).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-48
Number of pages20
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • European Framework of Education
  • Italia
  • Italy
  • educational reforms
  • ethnic minority students
  • financial downturn
  • quadro europeo dell'istruzione
  • recessione finanziaria
  • resilienza sistemica
  • riforme educative
  • sociologia dell'educazione
  • sociologia delle politiche formative
  • sociology of education
  • sociology of educational policy
  • studenti di moniranze etniche
  • systemic resilience


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