Economic System’s Needs and Labour Migrations Schemes. The Italian Experience in the International Context

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The essay is focused on the migration policies issue. After the analysis of the classical model adopted in the past by various countries, it describes the evolution of the migratory phenomena during last 30 years, highlighting the distance between the official rules and the actual dimension and composition of migratory flows. Some general trends in the contemporary scenario are then described: a) the contrast of irregular entries; b) the attraction of qualified workers; c) the preference accorded to seasonal migrations; d) the attempt to reduce entries for family and humanitarian reasons; f) the promotion of equal opportunities between natives and migrants, according to the EU directives. Anyway, each of these tendencies gives rise to ambivalences and contradictions. In the final part, the Italian situation is taken into consideration, together with the new initiatives of the Italian government. Finally, some points are stressed in order to combine productive system’s needs with the instances of social cohesion and with the aims of international relations.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMigration et Diversité Culturelle. Actes du colloque international
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventMigration et diversité culturelle - Fès
Duration: 1 Jul 20043 Jul 2004


ConferenceMigration et diversité culturelle


  • international migrations
  • labour market
  • mercato del lavoro
  • migraion policies
  • migrazionI internazionali
  • politiche migratorie


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