Development of a questionnaire specifically for patients with Ileal Orthotopic Neobladder (IONB)

Pierfrancesco Bassi, Marco Racioppi, Salvatore Siracusano, Mauro Niero, Cristina Lonardi, Maria A. Cerruto, Stefano Ciciliato, Laura Toffoli, Francesco Visalli, Davide Massidda, Massimo Iafrate, Walter Artibani, Ciro Imbimbo, Renato Talamini, Carolina D'Elia, Giovanni Cacciamani, Davide De Marchi, Tommaso Silvestri, Paolo Verze, Emanuele Belgrano

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The ileal orthotopic neobladder (IONB) is often used in patients undergoing radical cystectomy. The IONB allows to void avoiding the disadvantages of the external urinary diversion.In IONB patients the quality of life (QoL) appears compromised by the need to urinate voluntarily. The patients need to wake up at night interrupting the sleep-wake rhythm with consequences on social and emotional life.At present the QoL in IONB patients is evaluated by generic questionnaires. These are useful when IONB patients are compared with patients with different urinary diversions but they are less effective when only IONB patients are evaluated. To address this problem a specific questionnaire-the IONB-PRO-was developed.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)135-135
Number of pages1
JournalHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Ileal Orthotopic Neobladder
  • questionnaire


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