Clemente di Alessandria. Estratti da Teodoto: frammenti delle perdute Ipotiposi

Translated title of the contribution: [Autom. eng. transl.] Clement of Alexandria. Extracts from Theodotus: fragments of the lost Hypotyposis

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The 'Extracts from Theodotus' collect in thirteen Fragments, the best testimony of the controversy that Clement of Alexandria sustained, between the end of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd century, with the writings and the theology of the Gnostic master Valentinus and Theodotus. These are fundamental documents for the knowledge of Christian origins and, in them, of that phenomenon, as vast as it is enigmatic, which occupied the agenda of the most ancient theological reflection: the 'Gnosticism', the great 'adversary' of the ancient Churches. Subject of passionate research by some of the greatest scholars of Christian origins, the 'Extracts from Theodotus' are considered the best source for recovering many aspects of the doctrine of Valentinus, perhaps the greatest among the masters of the variegated Gnostic movement. The work presents a new critical edition of the greek text of 'Excerpts' together with the first complete Italian translation. Some introductory chapters and an extensive commentary allow you to appreciate the richness of the contents of this source for the study of Gnosticism, ancient Christian literature, patristic and history of dogma. The 'Excerpts' are not a collection of original fragments copied from Gnostic sources mainly valentinian, as believed to routinely. For an in-depth analysis they appear to be a compilation of thirteen fragments from "Hypotyposeis", lost work of Clement. The nature and extent of these fragments show that the traditional division of the 'Excerpts' in four sections and sources is unacceptable. It must also be abandoned the attempt to accurately identify 'valentinian' and 'clementinian' parts. Clement shows a few quotes verbatim from his sources, but very often shows 'heterodox' doctrines indirectly proposing summaries ('epitomes'). Therefore this edition offers the reader a profoundly renewed text of these fragments and a guide for a full understanding of the background, meaning and fundamental importance of this extraordinary collection.
Translated title of the contribution[Autom. eng. transl.] Clement of Alexandria. Extracts from Theodotus: fragments of the lost Hypotyposis
Original languageItalian
PublisherSan Paolo
Number of pages509
ISBN (Print)978-88-315-5251-6
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • 'Ancient School of Alexandria'
  • 'Antica Scuola di Alessandria'
  • Clement of Alexandria
  • Clemente di Alessandria
  • Early Christian Literature
  • Gnosticism
  • Gnosticismo
  • Letteratura cristiana antica
  • Teodoto, gnostico
  • Valentinianesimo
  • Valentinianism
  • gnostic Theodotus


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