Christian Scholarship in Byzantium and Elsewhere in the East

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Byzantine exegetical treatises generally do not focus on textual matters; however, marginal notes in Greek biblical manuscripts attest to curiosity and attention to the relation between the Greek and the Hebrew text of the Bible, as well as consciousness of textual divergencies in the manuscript tradition. The essay goes through such witnesses in order to point out traces of a philological approach to the biblical text in the Byzantine tradition.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTextual History of the Bible
EditorsArmin Lange
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Ambrosianus A 147 inf.
  • Ambrosianus B 106 sup.
  • Ambrosianus O 39 sup.
  • Byzantine exegesis
  • Cantabrigiensis Or. 929
  • Codex Marchalianus
  • Coislinianus 1
  • Constantinople Polyglott Pentateuch
  • Greek Bible
  • Judeo-Greek biblical translations
  • LXX
  • Malachias Monk
  • Marcianus gr. 7
  • Mercati Palimpsest
  • Nectarius of Casole
  • Nicolaus of Otranto
  • Parisinus gr. 3
  • Polychronius of Apamea
  • Scorialensis Ω.I.7
  • Simon Atumanus
  • Vaticanus gr. 2125


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