Analysis of service quality: A comparison between scales using the Rasch model

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The evaluation of service quality is as important as problematic matter. In fact, evaluation of the quality of a services involves all the difficulties one typically meets when try to measure an abstract concept: quality is an hidden, directly unobservable, meaning-needed aspect of a service. In this paper we consider a possible solution in efforts to measure quality, the use of Rasch Model (originally introduced in the psychometric field) in client satisfaction analysis. After a brief introduction to the Rasch model, this paper is focused on the effects of the measure scale used in collecting data on the results obtained. In particular, a data set in evaluating teachers' effectiveness in University courses is used to make comparison between two measure scales that differ in number of (ordinal) categories (five to four categories).
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ordinal scales
  • Rasch model


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