a multicenter real-world study of the valiant NAVION stent graft

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Background:The aim of the present study was to evaluate early results of thoracic endovascular aortic repair(TEVAR) using the Valiant Navion™stent graft in a“real-world”scenario.Methods:All patients who underwent TEVAR with the Valiant Navion™endograft between November 2018 andNovember 2019 were included in this retrospective multicenter study (six European centers). The primary end-points were technical success, incidence of major adverse events (MAEs), access failure, deployment failure, de-ployment accuracy, and rate of intraoperative endoleaks (ELs).Results:One hundred-sixteen patients with varying thoracic aortic diseases were included. Eighteen patients(15.5%) were treated for an off-label condition. The technical success rate was 100%, without any access or de-ployment failures. The proximal and distal deployment accuracy rates were 99.1% and 97.4%, respectively.There were no intraoperative MAEs, including death. Two (1.7%) type Ib ELs were detected at thefirst postoper-ative CTA, all of which were in off-label procedures and related to the short length of the sealing neck. No type IIIELs were detected. The median hospitalization time was 8 days (IQR 4–12), including a median intensive careunit stay of 1 day (IQR 1–2). The in-hospital mortality rate was 4.3%. At a median follow-up time of 98 days(IQR 39–187), there were no aortic-related mortalities or new onset of endoleaks.Conclusion:Our initial experience with the Valiant Navion™endograft in a wide variety of aortic diseases showedsafe early outcomes, especially for on-label proce
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)167-167
Number of pages1
JournalInternational Journal of Cardiology
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • a multicenter real-world study of the valiant NAVION stent graft


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