A cultural understanding of consumer-driven marketplace dynamics

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A consumer tribe can be the breeding ground for entrepreneurial ventures started by consumers. This work investigates the dynamics between the consumer and her/his consumer tribe in the development of an entrepreneurial project. The study focuses on how the consumer entrepreneur can bridge the gap between the micro-level of the tribe’s needs and the macro-level of the marketplace features. The study adopts a netnographic methodological approach to investigate the issues. The consumer turned entrepreneur acts as a cultural mediator who is able to root his venture and customer insights into the affective labour and common ethos of the tribe. The entrepreneur is also a resource integrator and a reconfigurator of market resources who is able to overcome the oppositions between a traditional marketplace and a consumer-driven marketplace. The work contributes to the literature on consumer-driven market emergence in a consumer tribe setting, showing the role of the entrepreneur and its position with respect to the tribe.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAtti della XIV SIM Conference
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventXIV Convegno Annuale della Società Italiana di Marketing (SIM) - Bergamo
Duration: 26 Oct 201727 Oct 2017


ConferenceXIV Convegno Annuale della Società Italiana di Marketing (SIM)


  • consumer trbes
  • consumer-driven market emergence
  • digital environment
  • market system dynamics
  • productive consumption


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